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Kazuma ( (かず) () , Kazuma), whose real name is Kiyotsugu Hirano ( (ひら) () (きよ) (つぐ) Hirano Kiyotsugu), is Bishamonten's shinki and guidepost. He is also a shinki of Yato under the name Kazune ( (かず) () Kazune).


Physically, Kazuma appears no older than 19 years old.[1] He has short cut brown hair and green eyes, and is 174 cm tall.[citation needed] He wears a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and is normally seen dressed in the common uniform for Bishamonten's battle shinki. This consists of a black suit with red detailing and a purple tie. Prior to the Ma-clan's extinction, he wears a green kimono with his hair tied back into a low bun.

In his vessel form as Bishamon's shinki, he appears as a cherry blossom-shaped earring; before becoming a blessed regalia, his shinki form was a nail.[3] In his vessel form as Yato's shinki, his divine garments appear as a black tracksuit, gloves, scarf, and pair of boots; his divine weapon is a katana which can be transformed into a bow and arrow.


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Kazuma is a calm, serious, and sensible person. He cares deeply for Vaisravana/Bishamonten, calling her by a pet name, "Veena", as well as his fellow Shinki. He is also shown to be extremely loyal to his master, as well as responsible and trustworthy. He also honors his debts, particularly to Yato, who he begged to slay his fellow shinki to save Bishamonten. He is polite to everyone, regardless of if he is stressed or not. When he was just starting as a shinki, he was shown to have no talent but is currently a blessed shinki, meaning he is hardworking and his loyalty and care for Veena motivated him to be the best shinki he could. He is a kind person in general and a good teacher, as he willingly teaches Yukine some techniques as his fellow blessed shinki. Despite his serious nature, he is shown to have a comical side, particularly when it comes to his loyalty/crush/mild obsession with Bishamonten. He also enjoys teasing his friends such as Yukine and Yato (writing on Yukine's face during practice and promising Yato a new phone but instead giving him a carrier pigeon). His actions in the past, of ordering Yato to kill Bishamonten's shinki clan, still haunts him. He feels like trash for not telling Bishamonten the truth and for feeling good about her needing him and having to rely on a Nora to save Bishamonten.

He is very knowledgeable about his duties as a shinki and about techniques to use as a blessed shinki, despite most likely not having a teacher. He is very analytical of Veena's battle situations and does his best to guide everyone to make sure they can help Veena to the best of their abilities. According to him in chapters 35 and 40, this is because, as he has stated: "to be in total control of a situation, you must have confidence in yourself". Despite showing pride in his abilities, he is not arrogant about them and does his best to continue improving himself for Bishamonten's sake.

In order not to blight his master, he is shown to suppress his feelings and not feel guilt for his actions, no matter what they be. He tells Yukine this is because if he doesn't feel guilty for his actions then what he does isn't a sin and won't blight his master. Furthermore, he claims that he's imperfect and has regrets. However, he felt that he did the right thing and so it was not a sin and doesn't warrant anyone's criticism, something Yukine found to be extreme. His loyalty to Bishamonten can go to extremes as he was willing to slay his fellow shinki to save her, even in the present as he murdered Tsuguha. He also used Bind on Yukine to force him to reveal the location of the sorcerer. Despite knowing doing so would endanger Yato's health, breaking off his good relationship with Yukine who now considers him an enemy.

Skills & Abilities


Kazuma uses Bakufu on Hiyori.

  • Borderline ( (きょう) (かい) (せん) , Kyoukaisen): Like all shinki, Kazuma has the ability to create a borderline, though he struggled with it at first.[4] As an extension of this, Kazuma is able to partake in the creation of a Purgatory and can therefore help carry out an Ablution.[5]
  • Bakufu ( (ばく) () , "Binding Cloth"): Kazuma has the ability to cast a binding restraint on a target with a power equal to or less than his own.[6]
  • Inko ( (いん) () , "Solid Shade"): Kazuma is capable of rendering himself or others invisible.[6][7]
  • Rakusui ( (らく) (すい) , "Sleep fall"): Kazuma can force opponents to fall asleep.[8]
  • Rourou ( (ろう) (ろう) , "Articulate"): In certain circumstances, Kazuma is able to use a truth-telling spell in order to gain information.[9] However, he has failed to use it against gods[10] and he has also had his spell forcibly broken by his opponent.[11]



  • Body Decoy: Kazuma can enact a curse which disguises one individual for another.[15]
  • Minonawa (みのなわ, Minonawa): Kazuma can place a curse on a target which notifies him whenever they are in a certain proximity of one another.[16]

Vessel-Specific Abilities

As Bishamonten's shinki, Kazuma is able to transform into a sakura-shaped earring. Before becoming a blessed vessel, Kazuma took the form of a plain nail.[3]

  • Enhanced Aim: Kazuma creates a cross-hair over his master's eye, increasing her accuracy to the point that she can successfully aim between vertebrae on a moving target[17] or perform careful surgical removal of blight.[18] This is said to be specific to his blessed vessel form under Bishamon.[19]
  • Tracking: Kazuma is exceptionally skilled at tracking ayakashi,[4] gods, and shinki.[17] Unlike the previous ability, this ability extends to his human form and vessel form under other masters.[19]
  • Regulation: Kazuma is able to help Bishamon's other shinki regulate their borderlines and aim during battle.[20]

As Yato's shinki, Kazuma is able to transform into a set of divine garments (a tracksuit, scarf, boots, and gloves) and two interchangeable divine weapons, a katana and a bow-and-arrow. In his bow-and-arrow form, Kazuma is able to use rearrangements of the Firefighting Incantation to create unique attacks.

  • Crimson Bloom ( (せっ) () , Sekka): This rearrangement creates flaming arrows that can be detonated on Yato's command.[21]
  • Cloudburst ( (しゅう) () , Shūu): This rearrangement creates a scattershot of arrows.[22]


  • Kazuma is the only shinki to be shown using Umbra.[6]
  • He has stated aloud that he loves Bishamonten.[citation needed]
  • Kazuma, along with Bishamonten, sung the song Hanakagari.[citation needed]
  • He looks several years younger without his glasses.[citation needed]
  • He secretly keeps photos of Bishamonten by cropping her from group photos.[citation needed]
  • His goal is to make Bishamon the most popular out of the Seven Gods of Fortune.[23][24]
  • His glasses are prone to break when he is seriously shocked or surprised, such as when Yato fake-kissed Bishamon.[25]
  • Yato is unsure if Kazuma should be legally allowed to drink since he is physically 19, but allows it since he has been a shinki for roughly 200 years.[1]
  • His name and appearance resemble Kazuma Satou from KonoSuba, though they differ in personality.
  • He's the type of guy who can go into a lingerie store and buy women's underwear without a second thought.[26]
  • Although named "Kazu" by both Bishamon and Yato, Bishamon used the kanji 兆 (trillion) while Yato chose 暦 (calendar). These are not typical kun readings of these kanji, but both happen to be related to the word 算える (kazoeru) "to calculate, to enumerate." The kanji 算 can be read to mean "divining rod", linking it to 兆 "omen", while 暦 is related to 歷, another kanji with the meaning "to calculate."
    • True to his name, Kazuma (兆, meaning "omen"), in Chapter 77, page 6, he has a vision in which Bishamonten is reincarnated after being killed by the sorcerer.


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