Kazuha (数巴), is one of the current Regalia to Bishamonten. His vessel name is Suuki.


Kazuha and his twin sister Karuha's Character Designs for Noragami Aragoto

He is seen to be short statured, with hair that is colored a muted blonde and eyes that are colored a light red. In his human-like form, he is dressed in a smart suit, a common uniform worn by all of Bishamonten's shinki.


Kazuha is portrayed as being curious and loyal. This is evident when, after Yukine becomes a Blessed Regalia, he and Karuha ask Yukine if there's any secret to becoming one.



Like his twin sister Karuha, he transforms into a handgun. His gun form appears to be a Colt M1911 semi-automatic.


  • Kazuha is voiced in Japanese by the same voice actress as Karuha.


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