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Kaun (乎云) is one of Takemikazuchi’s shinki.


Kaun is a man of above average height with a square jawline and a close-trimmed goatee, but in the present he appears clean shaven. Like all of Takemikazuchi's shinki, he wears Shinto priest robes, and his hair is mostly loose with some locks pulled back into a ponytail at the back of his head.

As a vessel, Kaun takes the form of a sheathed katana. The hilt is blue and the sheath is red with gold ornamentation; he also has a red uwa-obi.


Kaun is loyal to Takemikazuchi, to the point that he didn't complain even while he was nearly broken in battle. He otherwise seems friendly toward others and diligent, shown by how he views Kiun as absent-minded.[1]


Chapter 35: Death Kaun is present in his vessel form as Takemikazuchi's katana, although he is not introduced or named as a human.

Chapter 61: Renegade Kaun appears again in his vessel form for the majority of the chapter. Kaun's human form is also revealed, standing behind Kiun while Takemikazuchi warns him not to damage the Near Shore.

Chapter 62: Pride, Collide, Untied Saiun gets upset when Yukine and Yato mock them, but settles down when Kiun tells them that they should show respect and avoid belittling their enemies.

Chapter 63: Ecstasy Kaun watches on with concern as Miun tends to Saiun, who has sustained a cut to his abdomen.

Chapter 66: Smoldering Sparks Koki's blade cracks slightly when he is blocked by Yato wielding Sekki. Kiun urges Takemikazuchi to use his lightning, since Kaun is in danger of breaking. Kaun flinches, but doesn't say anything to object to the situation.

Chapter 67: Mine Koki nearly shatters completely during an attack, and he sustains cuts to his forehead, right forearm, and abdomen. Yato uses Sekki to toss Koki out of Takemikazuchi's hands. Miun looks over her shoulder, shocked, while she is drawn by Takemikazuchi and Kaun collapses.

Shortly later, Saiun holds Kaun in his lap after the latter is nearly shattered by Sekki. Yato remarks that Takemikazuchi's shinki are no longer following him.

Chapter 68: The Road Home Takemikazuchi reverts Kaun to his human form, along with Miun and Saiun. He bows on his knees and tries to apologize for not being of use, but is interrupted by Sekiun who says the three of them have nothing to be sorry for. Kaun continues holding his abdomen, where he is bleeding heavily. Takemikazuchi sends him home with Sekiun, Miun, and Saiun.

Chapter 75: And Then He... Kaun is present in his vessel form when Takemikazuchi arrives at Kofuku's house. He helps in performing Yukine's second ablution ceremony. He has sympathy for Yukine, who he calls a "poor kid". After the ablution is complete, Takemikazuchi commends him, Miun, and Saiun, and sends them home.

Chapter 80: Inciteful Kaun comes with Takemikazuchi to help fix Kofuku's roof. He asks Saiun whether it's really okay to set foot in the home of the goddess of poverty, to which Saiun remarks that doom is already upon them.


  • The character used for his name, 乎 ka, refers to a question mark.
  • Kaun was the first shinki that the current Takemikazuchi named himself. He did so against the wishes of the Un-clan elders, but was allowed to keep Kaun under the stipulation that Kaun would not be let in on the secret of his reincarnation.[1]


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