Karuha (刈巴), is one of the current Regalia to Bishamonten. Her Vessel name is Gaiki.


Karuha and her twin brother Kazuha's Character Designs for Noragami Aragoto.

Just like Kazuha, she is seen to be short statured, with hair that is colored a muted blonde and eyes colored a light red. In her human-like form, she is dressed in a smart suit, a common uniform worn by all of Bishamonten's shinki.


In the manga and anime series, she barely appears. She is a preppy and joyful girl, hugging Kazuha on some occasions. She is also very loyal to Bishamonten.


Karuha seems to be Kazuha's twins and they are often introduced together.


She can transform into a gun, part of the twin guns together with Kazuha.


  • Karuha is voiced in Japanese by the same voice actress as Kazuha.


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