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Heaven's shinki using Kagome to trap Ebisu's noras.

Kagome (かごめ) is a song used by shinki to entrap and weaken a target. Under certain circumstances, it can be used as an interrogation technique.

Casting Sequence

Only children, who do not know the difference between good and evil, are able to use this song. To do so, they must join hands and form a circle around the target, all while repeatedly singing the incantation. This weakens all shinki trapped within the circle, preventing them from using borderlines and possibly other shinki-specific abilities.

This song is a well-known children's game, Kagome, Kagome.

かごめかごめ 籠の中の鳥は いついつ出やる 夜明けの晩に 鶴と亀が滑った 後ろの正面だあれ? (Original Japanese text)

Kagome kagome / Kago no naka no tori wa / Itsu itsu deyaru / Yoake no ban ni / Tsuru to kame ga subetta / Ushiro no shoumen daare? (Romaji transliteration)

Kagome kagome / The bird in the basket/cage / When, oh when will it come out / In the night of dawn / The crane and turtle slipped / Who is behind you now? (Common English translation)

According to High Sentinel Oushi, Kagome is not as cruel as a prison. Although the exact difference is left unclear, this may refer to the fact that Kagome entails an escape condition. As with the real-life children's game, those entrapped in the circle are referred to as the oni (demon). In order to escape, the last remaining oni must say the name of the child who is standing directly behind them. The only other way for the captives to escape would be for the children to stop chanting the incantation, thus dispelling the effects of the song.[1]


The Mi-clan nora being attacked by phantoms in the Kagome circle.

Oushi has children-aged shinki utilize Kagome in order to investigate Ebisu, who at the time they believed to be the Sorceror. Specifically, it is implemented to quell and threaten Ebisu's shinki to give up information about his and Iwami's whereabouts. The children enclose Ebisu's strays (excluding Takami) and masked phantoms inside the circle, leaving the strays weakened and unable to effectively protect themselves with borderlines. Since the escape condition seems to require that only one oni be left in the circle, Oushi intends to have them be killed off by the phantoms should Takami not give up information about Ebisu. Realizing this, Takami likens the Kagome game to a death match. Oushi further pressures Takami to give up information by reminding them that a shinki's death causes intense pain for their god, pain like that of losing one's child.[1]

Off screen, Takami confesses that Ebisu is in the Underworld and the Kagome game is ended, thus temporarily saving the lives of his fellow Mi-clan strays.[2]

Adaptation Notes

The Kagome game is omitted in the anime. Instead, the story skips to Oushi delivering the news about Ebisu's punishment to the other Seven Gods of Fortune. Heaven's Punishers are shown confronting three of Ebisu's shinki, who are stood with their hands raised in surrender; Takami is also shown being held by two of Heaven's Punishers before having his sleeve pushed up, revealing that he is a stray. Oushi informs them that Ebisu's shinki confessed everything under interrogation, but makes no mention of Kagome.[3]


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