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Iki Masaomi
Iki Masaomi
Name: Iki Masaomi
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28[Citation Needed]
Hair: TBA
Eyes: Brown[Citation Needed]
Occupation: Unemployed[Citation Needed]
Personal Status
Relative(s): Sayuri Iki (mother)
Takamasa Iki (father)
Hiyori Iki (younger sister)
Status: Alive
Manga Debut: Chapter 51 (Vaguely shown, but not named)
Anime Debut: Episode 5 (Briefly mentioned by Hiyori)

Iki Masaomi is the older brother of Iki Hiyori. It is implied that he had been staying overseas shortly after graduating college. This was when Hiyori was a young child, which also implies that there is quite the age gap between the two. At that time, he told Hiyori that it was okay to run away if things got too hard for her. He encouraged her to do her own thing rather than becoming a doctor like their father. He has recently returned home, and works under the alias "Kaii Sera" as an Art Director Designer for a side job. His family did not seem to have knowledge of this. Due to his appearance having changed since being away, his family also did not recognize him upon his return. His hair had grown out, and he now wears glasses--suspiciously so, as he did not before leaving home and his family has no visible history of poor eyesight.





Abilities Edit

  • Sensing Creatures From Far Shore: Unlike normal humans, Masaomi and his sister can sense, hear and see the creatures from far shore. They have inherited the ability to see beings of the far shore from their maternal family. This is explained by their grandmother in Chapter 54. His first encounter with Yato is when he asks for his friend, who is later revealed to be a spirit, to be rescued.