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High Sentinel Ōshi (天つ守三役奥司 amatsu-mori sanyaku Ōshi) is one of the heaven's shinki. A cold, calculating shinki willing to do whatever it takes to enforce the will of the heavens.


She is a woman who wears traditional Japanese garbs similar to priestess clothing. She has long hair tied a high ponytail, with a white ribbon across her forehead.


She is an arrogant shinki willing to do whatever it takes to follow heaven's orders. Despite calling the Gods Lord (-sama in Japanese). She called Ebisu stupid for attempting to control the ayakashi along with containing the Seven Gods claiming to protect their innocence. In reality, she didn't want them to interfere and help Ebisu, showing she may secretly look down on the Gods. This is made much more apparent when Okukinishi challenges her and she says a God without a shinki is useless. Kazuma would then reprimand her for.

She hates when things don't go her way. This is shown when Kazuma used restraint on her and took her by surprise. Another example is when Kazuma said her way of thinking Gods as less than their shinki as unhealthy, showing bitterness and resentment for him and Okukinishi for threatening her. She isn't above torture as shown when she tortured Ebisu's shinki to tell her where Ebisu was and when Tatsumi, one of Ebisu's shinki gave in to protect his comrades. She called him pathetic and worthless and that his status as a Nora was disgusting, showing her disgust towards Nora. She also said that "As expected of a Nora for betraying his master" showing just how little she thinks of Nora, despite the fact he did it to save his friends.


Oushi is first introduced in chapter 30 as one of Heaven's sentinels. She raids the Mi-clan residence in search of information about the whereabouts of Iwami and Ebisu, who the Heavens believe to be the sorceror. As such, she has child shinki utilize the Kagome song, entrapping most of the Mi-clan strays as well as a number of masked phantoms. Takami is the only one who is not placed inside the circle, meaning he receives the brunt of Oushi's interrogation.

Takami begs her to dispel the song so that his fellows strays could use borderlines to protect themselves from the phantoms, and likens the situation to a death match. He expresses outrage that she considers this a game and would force the children to partake in it; however she does not seem bothered at all by his accusations, and only urges him to confess. She attempts to guilt trip him further by remarking that a shinki's death is intensely painful experience for a god.

In chapter 33, it is revealed that Takami has confessed that Ebisu is in the Underworld. She haughtily remarks that Takami has betrayed his master in favor of his clansmen, and implies that strays cannot be trusted or are considered lesser for that reason.

She then delivers the news of Ebisu's conviction to the remaining Seven Gods of Fortune. She does not use his name, but says that one of Ebisu's shinki admitted that he is in the Underworld.

Adaptation Notes

In the anime, the Kagome game is omitted entirely. Instead, the story skips to Oushi delivering the news to the Seven Gods of Fortune. Heaven's Punishers are shown confronting three of Ebisu's shinki, who are stood with their hands raised in surrender; Takami is also shown being held by two of Heaven's Punishers before having his sleeve pushed up, revealing that he is a stray. Oushi mentions that Ebisu's shinki confessed everything while under interrogation, with no direct mention of Takami or the Kagome game.