Name: Ōshi
Kanji: 奥司
Race: Shinki
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Bluish grey
Occupation: Heaven's Shinki
Personal Status
Status: Alive
Manga Debut: Chapter 30
Anime Debut: Episode 22
Japanese Voice: Hisako Tomioka
English Voice: Clarine Harp

High Sentinel Ōshi (天つ守三役奥司 amatsu-mori sanyaku Ōshi) is one of the heaven's shinki. A cold, calculating shinki willing to do whatever it takes to enforce the will of the heavens.


She is a woman who wears traditional Japanese garbs similar to priestess clothing. She has long hair tied up.


She is an arrogant shinki willing to do whatever it takes to follow heaven's orders. Despite calling the Gods Lord (-sama in Japanese). She called Ebisu stupid for attempting to control the ayakashi along with containing the Seven Gods claiming to protect their innocence. In reality, she didn't want them to interfere and help Ebisu, showing she may secretly look down on the Gods. This is made much more apparent when Okukinishi challenges her and she says a God without a shinki is useless. Kazuma would then reprimand her for.

She hates when things don't go her way. This is shown when Kazuma used restraint on her and took her by surprise. Another example is when Kazuma said her way of thinking Gods as less than their shinki as unhealthy, showing bitterness and resentment for him and Okukinishi for threatening her. She isn't above torture as shown when she tortured Ebisu's shinki to tell her where Ebisu was and when Tatsumi, one of Ebisu's shinki gave in to protect his comrades. She called him pathetic and worthless and that his status as a Nora was disgusting, showing her disgust towards Nora. She also said that "As expected of a Nora for betraying his master" showing just how little she thinks of Nora, despite the fact he did it to save his friends.



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