Hello Sleepwalkers are a Japanese band consisting of 5 members. They are represented by A-Sketch, and have been active since 2008.

Shun Taro is in charge of the song writing, and is the lead vocalist. He performs vocals and guitar.

Narumi received an invitation from Shun Taro to join the band, after graduating from high school at the same time. She is the only female in the band, and like Shun Taro performs vocals and guitar.

Tasoko went to the same university as Shun Taro, and plays guitar. He is often seen wearing a hat.

Makoto performs bass, and had to be persuaded to join the band, and was encouraged to do so by Tasoko.

Yuki was the last member to join, and is also the youngest. He rarely speaks in interviews, and plays the drums. He was invited to join by Narumi.

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