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Fumiha (文巴, Fumiha) is Bishamonten's shinki.


Fumiha is a young girl with long, straight black hair and light brown eyes.


Fumiha is shown to be quite sensitive, and cares deeply for her friends and master. She was good friends with Suzuha, and seems to now have a good relationship with Mineha.


Fumiha appears nervous and concerned when Kazuma declares to the Ha-clan shinki that Bishamon has been blighted.[1][2]

After Suzuha's death, Fumiha notices that he hasn't come home. In tears, she expresses her concern for his safety to two other Ha-clan shinki. She begins to cry, but she tries to hold back her emotions so that she wouldn't sting her master. When Bishamonten asks her what they were talking about, she responds with a smile and tells her not to worry about it.[1] She is shown in tears when Yukine yells at Bishamon about how lonely Suzuha was as her shinki.[3][4]

When their home in Takamagahara is invaded by phantoms, Fumiha hides with Mineha in what appears to be a storage closet. Fumiha gives up on her life, explaining to Mineha that there is nowhere to run. She tells her to just leave her behind, because she doesn't want to live since her friends are all dead, and Bishamon would probably be next. However, Mineha convinces her to continue living just as a phantom breaks into the storage room. They are chased until they reach the springs, where other Ha-clan shinki who can't fight with borderlines are hiding.[5]

Fumiha is shown in a memory when Kugaha refers to "worthless trash" that Bishamon granted a name to.[6]

Bishamon later uses Ruha to save Fumiha and her other shinki from the phantoms.[6]