Fujisaki Kouto
Name: Fujisaki Kouto
Kanji: 藤崎浩
Rōmaji: Fujisaki Kōto
Other Name(s): Father (by Nora and Edachi)
Old Man (by Yato)
The Sorcerer (by gods)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 1000+ (Older Than Yato)
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Red
Occupation: Student
Personal Status
Status: Alive
Manga Debut: Chapter 24
Anime Debut: Noragami Aragoto Episode 08
Japanese Voice: Kaito Ishikawa
English Voice: Clifford Chapin

Fujisaki Kouto (藤崎浩人, Fujisaki Kōto) is a third year student at Hiyori Iki’s school. He is possessed by Yato and Nora’s "Father", a conjurer of phantoms who deceived the gods.


Fujisaki is a young man of average height with neatly set hair that reaches to his neck. In the manga, his hair and eyes are colored a light-brown - in the anime adaptation however, his eyes are colored red.


While acting relaxed and polite in front of "friends" and strangers, Father is actually fickle and sadistic, harming or kill another human being just to test out his abilities. According to Hiyori, he usually attacks others indirectly, using their precious ones to cause damage. He can also be very petty, such as when he reveals to Yato that he kissed Hiyori for seemingly no reason other than upsetting him.

Father's hatred of gods leads him to treat them as playthings--uncaring about what they may feel. This was shown by his physical and psychological abuse of Yato and his replies to Bishamonten about everything that he was responsible for (her former shinki Kugaha’s betrayal, Ebisu’s death in need of a scapegoat, her shinki Tsuguha’s transformation into a Karma Ayakashi).

While his hatred is mainly towards the gods, Father seems to see other humans as puppets and pathetic as well, showing disdain for their nature and enjoys playing with them. He often uses his brushes to control people, causing an old woman to jump out a window while smiling and sending a person to be killed in a car accident, showing extremely sociopathic tendencies.


He seems to be connected to a woman with freckles. However, she died at some point and this appears to have become his primary reason for loathing gods. He had been to and returned from Yomi, taking with him the first Phantom Brush (Koto no Ha). By this time, he met Izanami, who used the mysterious woman's looks.

The woman's death apparently led to the wish that created Yato, a God of Calamity. This seems to be proven in chapter 61, where Nana shows sympathy for Father, saying he must have had someone he loved who was killed by the heavens because he wouldn't have called them lowly Gods otherwise. By this time, Father had met the soul who would become Yato's first shinki. He already had the brushes when he raised Yato and Nora, which apparently scared them.

For centuries, Father used Yato and Nora for killing missions, using a method similar to divine possesion to continue his cycle of life. He is currently the only human to have clear memories of Yato, which is why he could continue a long life despite most people forget him.


Yato Edit

Fujisaki is referred to as Yato's "father". Yato was created by a wish from Fujisaki as a god of calamity. They have a master-servant relationship but they do not care for each other, though it is seen that during his childhood Yato was very happy whenever he praised him and didn't want to disappoint him, even following things against his instincts for him.

Fujisaki has not communicated with Yato since he was forced to return to their place, meaning he does not know that it is Fujisaki whom their father is possessing at the moment. Which is why, despite having met Fujisaki before, he does not recognize him as anyone other than Hiyori's schoolmate. In chapter 44, Father reveals himself to Yato as Fujisaki, and also tells Yato that he has kissed Hiyori. He often puts Yato on tests to determinate since what extent he is going to rebel against him.

Nora Edit

As "Father"'s "shinki", her name is "Mizuchi" (meaning “cruel”) and refers to her as his "kid". She only listens to Fujisaki's orders and lives with him most of the time, despite he also sometimes abuses her like he did to Yato.

Unnamed woman Edit

Izanami once mentioned in chapter 33 that Father went to the underworld to retrieve one of her brushes. She appears to whoever looks at her as the person closest to them, appeared as a freckled woman to Father. Since Nora is the only female Father is shown close to in the present, it could be this woman is related to him in the past and may be the reason behind his hatred for the Heavens, gods, and all of humanity.

Iki Hiyori Edit

Hiyori is Fujisaki's schoolmate. While walking to school one day, Hiyori accidentally steps on a soda can and trips, but is caught and helped by Fujisaki. Later, Hiyori is invited by one of her friends, Yama, to go on a group date to Capypa Land with three guys, Fujisaki included. When the parade appeared at the end of the day, Fujisaki ends up stealing Hiyori's first kiss. Ever since then she has started avoiding him, increasing Fujisaki's interest towards her. In chapter 48, Fujisaki reveals to Hiyori that he is Yato's father and threatened her to stay away from Yato, to which she counters by saying that she will take him on. While being unwavering in front of Fujisaki, Hiyori later breaks down and turns into a half-Phantom. Even after the incident, she continues to fight against him, albeit calmly, which surprises him.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Yomi no Koto no Ha. Fujisaki is in possession of at least two brushes (his and Ebisu's), giving him the ability to summon and control Ayakashi, as well as create masks for others to control them. He can make that his phantoms hid within humans and communicate through them. He can utilize the power of brush even through with Chiki (Chapter 50). The full extent of his power is unknown, though his phantoms entered Tenjin's barrier. He said that Ebisu’s brush was much better than his old one, because the old one creates masks that are weak against sunlight.
  • Liberation. The Shinki who were struck by Chiki, his "Shinki", will obtain memories of their former lives that were sealed by their new name, being forcibly pried open and become trapped in their past.