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Father's name before becoming known as the Crafter is currently unknown.

A young Father rescued by the monk

Around 1000 years ago, Father become an orphan due to a series of natural disasters that destroyed his village. He was found by a lone Buddhist missionary, who rescued him from under rubble. Although a young Father became dependent on the monk, the missionary wanted to cast off his mortal body to meet the Buddha.[1] The monk attempted to throw himself off a steep cliff face along with the young orphan but was pushed off instead, falling into the water below.[2]

Father being called out from the Underworld via soul call

At a later point in his life, Father died and come back from the Underworld[2] through a loophole,[3] being summoned to the surface with the sound of his name being called. [4] This causes him to reincarnate again and again in other people's bodies over the centuries.[3] While in the Underworld, he met the goddess Izanami - who took the form of a girl with a pockmarked face (痘痕面 (あばたづら) (むすめ) , abatadzura no musume)[5] - and managed to obtain the first Word of Yomi (黄泉 (よみ) (こと) () Yomi no Koto no Ha), allowing him to control Phantoms through the use of masks. These Phantoms, however, all had weaknesses, such as being unable to go out into the sun or dying after just one use.[6] Ebisu noted that the oldest masks in his possession started appearing around 1100 years ago (around 900~ C.E) on the island of Tamatsuki, during the Heian period. He theorized that the island may have been the Sorcerer's birthplace and/or gravesite/place of enshrinement, as the oldest mask was found there. Ebisu also proposes that Father may be a goryoujin, a human who died with a powerful grudge.[7]

Father holding the body of the pockmarked girl

The pockmarked girl Izanami took the appearance of in the Underworld died at an unspecified time,[8] likely due to a natural disaster or conflict caused by gods.[9] This event is heavily implied to be a major reason for Father's hatred against Heaven and humanity. In Chapter 96, Father is pictured standing before a scene of destruction - possibly a fire - with a tied corpse and disembodied hand seen in the background; this event's relation (if any) to the death of the pockmarked girl are unknown.

An unspecified amount of time later, Father names the soul of an unborn child who has been touched by an ayakashi with the Word, giving it the name Mizuchi.[10] Mizuchi takes the vessel form of a six-ringed staff called a shakujō and has the ability to "corrode" a shinki and reveal the memories of their past life sealed by their names, thus exposing them to the God's Greatest Secret. For a short time after, Father and Mizuchi kill gods together, likely through causing their shinki to become karma ayakashi.[1] Father realizes that killing gods is pointless as long as the people's faith persists[9], however, and a tiny god named "Yaboku" (夜ト (やぼく) , lit. "night diviner") is born from Father's wish. Father chooses his name after seeing the tiny god catching a star falling from the constellation Kanoto to constellation Tori, saying that he will use him to "divine the fate of the world of men".[11]

Father's wish: "cull the herd"

Father eventually prompts a young Yaboku to name Mizuchi as his own shinki, granting her the name Hiiro. He encourages them to "play" by killing humans and bringing back their ears in order to fulfill his wish to "cull the herd", stating that this wish is the "only wish [he's] been able to wish in [his] entire life." [11] After he finds out that Yaboku has named a new shinki named Sakura, who discourages him from killing, he nudges Mizuchi to stir Sakura's curiosity about her past life.[12] In doing so, Yaboku reveals Sakura's real name and exposes her to the God's Greatest Secret, turning her into an ayakashi and forcing Yaboku to kill her.

Father continued to cause havoc through Yaboku's nature as a "god of calamity" as shown in Chapter 87, where Yaboku is seen destroying crops and, presumably, caused a landslide that destroyed a village.

At an unspecified point in time after, Yaboku started rebelling against Father. He is shown using physical punishment for disobedience on both Yato[8][13] and Mizuchi.[14]

Story (Manga)

Yomi Arc

Volume 7

Chapter 24: Always

This chapter marks Kouto Fujisaki's first appearance. He catches Hiyori Iki when she trips on an empty can and tells her to be careful, continuing on his way.

Chapter 25: When Sleeping Gods are Provoked

Kouto is seen looking out of a window at Hiyori Iki, who is under the influence of Divine Possession by Yato. At the end of the chapter, a Masked Ayakashi in the form of a cat is seen looking at Hiyori.

Chapter 27: Due and Do

Father in his original black-haired body is seen from Yato's point of view several times during this chapter. In the first instance, he is seen leading a young Yato away from a small shrine, saying he "doesn't need one of those things." Toward the end of the chapter, we see Nora questioning whether Yukine and Hiyori can really love Yato, and that she and Father will always love him - this dialogue is overlaid on panels of Father taking away Yato's shrine from his child self.

Volume 8

Chapter 28: God of Calamity


Sakura Arc


The Hospital Arc


The Heaven Arc


Nora Arc


Ooharai Arc


Story (Anime)



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