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Regarded with Hate (忌むべき者, Imubeki Mono) is the tenth episode of the Noragami anime adaption. It first aired March 09, 2014.


Yukine blaming Yato about not having money.

Yukine has a part-time job, working for Daikoku, trying to pay back the money he stole and also earn money for him and Yato who doesn't work often. He also wants to borrow Hiyori's old school books so he can teach himself what other kids his age are learning, which causes Yato and Hiyori to start crying in happiness. Kofuku then comes and tells Hiyori that she owes them 10 million Yen for asking her to help Yato twice, though Yato manages to get Hiyori a discount of 90%, leaving Hiyori with 1 million Yen left to pay, to which she then attacks Yato telling him that he needs to help her pay. Yato visits Tenjin to thank him for his help, where Tenjin and Yato get into a verbal war. Mayu, Hiyori and Yukine walk off from the group and talk about how one of Tenjin's other Shinki is missing, Miyu. Mayu then reveals that she was banished for stinging Tenjin due to self-harm, and tells Yukine that what happened to him is very contagious. Yato walks up to Tenjin and tells him how he promised Hiyori he would fix her condition (where she constantly slips out of her body at random moments), now being a fully determined fix it after she saved his and Yukine's lives. Tenjin suggests that Yato cuts his ties with her, believing that their connection gives her too much focus on the Far Shore. Severing them may help cure it.

Nora and Rabo watching Hiyori on her way to Tenjin's shrine.

Hiyori and her two school friends agree to visit a shrine for a new year's gathering. While Yato and Yukine are working a cleaning job, she calls up and invites them both to join her later on for the first shrine of the day. On her way to the meeting place, Rabo and Nora are seen on top of a building, watching her, with Rabo contemplating on killing her. Once at the gathering, Hiyori falls into her phantom form and wanders of chasing after who she thinks is Yato. Meanwhile, Yato and Yukine get another request to slay some stray phantoms, which quickly escalates into a full-scale fight against them. Nora confronts and attacks Hiyori using some wolf-like phantoms. After evading the attacks until dawn, then phantoms disappear leaving a scary conversation between the two girls. Yato and Yukine finish up with the scorpion-like phantoms and head off to the shrine gathering. Rabo watching from the roof, satisfied with his ambush on Yato and Yuki, now has a much better understanding of Yato's abilities. Once reunited with Hiyori, Yato and Yukine are shocked to find she has no memories of them both.


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Adaption Notes

  • Most of the events from Episode 10 onwards are fillers.