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He first appears after Bishamonten comes out of her meeting with the Gods regarding the incident with Bishamonten and Kuguha. It involved Kuguha manipulating her and Yato to fight and kill each other while most of her shinki were killed as a result, making the heavens see her in a negative light. As she gets out of the meeting and talks to Kazuma, Ebisu offers to buy Kazuma and doesn't care if he is a stray or not since Kazuma is a rare blessed hafuri. Though Kazuma tells Bishamonten the only God he wants to serve is her. Later on, he tries to buy Yukine also stating he doesn't mind sharing Yukine or having him be a stray. When Yukine is nearly tempted by the money, Ebisu calls it disgraceful since as Yato's guidepost Yukine must be moral and not let himself fall to temptation. He then gives Yato a load of money and tells him to go build himself a shrine. Yukine thinks about the offer but ultimately decides not to accept and throws the money Ebisu gave away to attract the ayakashi he and Yato were called to kill.

Ebisu is later seen going down into the Underworld, and Yato and Nora follow. Here he is shown to be incredibly clumsy, looking at all the phantoms Yato told him not to. When they finally reach Izanami, he receives a phantom brush, declaring Yato would be her friend and the one left behind, to Yato's displeasure. They then fight briefly, then run for it, after Ebisu tells Izanami he was happy to see her again, as she was his mom.

Ebisu then loses two of his shinki, but keeps running. He then starts to tire out, exclaiming to Yato he did this because he wanted to help the human world, and so did all his past incarnations. Yato then realizes that Ebi wasn't all that selfish, and helps him, also because Nora said the “Father" wants Ebi. Yato then holds back Izanami, telling Ebi to run. Ebi is then caught near the gate, and gets dragged back to where Yato was fighting her. Yato questioned if Ebisu ever missed doing anything in his current form, to which Ebi thought of eating at the Olive Tavern. Ebi started to realize he didn't want to die again. Yato tells him he heard his wish loud and clear, taking off with Ebi, to Izanami's dismay and anger.

Ebi summons many phantoms to drill a vent in the Underground, and he and Yato go in. Yato, however, is then pulled down. Ebi is found by Bishamon, and tells her Yato is still down there and she had to save him.

The Heavens' Punishers are then seen coming to kill him once Yato was rescued by Bishamon. After demonstrating his use of phantoms in front of the Heavens to defend himself, Bishamon exclaims to him to run, and he does so. The Heavens decide to use the Pacification Ring, a form of punishment to destroy enemies of Heaven, to kill Ebisu. Yato destroys it, only for another one to form around Ebi. He is then killed.

A day or so later, a young Ebi incarnation appears to a hospitalized Yato.