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Daikoku (大黒, Daikoku?) is Kofuku‘s shinki. His real name is Kuro (黒). His vessel name is Koku, and as a sacred treasure, he is called “Kokki” (黒器) and transforms into a Japanese fan.


Daikoku looks to be a very tall male, age unknown. He has shoulder-length black hair combed to the back and a pair of unusually sharp eyes that are colored dark red in the anime. He has a small stubble on his chin. He usually dresses in a pink shirt and a pair of trousers, occasionally wearing a black apron, and has a serious expression.

As Kokki, he transforms into a black Japanese fan.


"Hands off my lady!"

Daikoku often wears a serious expression. Because of this, one may think that he is an intimidating man (and this is quite true in his case). However, he’s actually a loving person and is deeply loyal and affectionate towards his owner Kofuku. He often fights with Yato for laying his hands on her.

He is also known to actually like kids. However, Yato and Kofuku like to tease this trait of his, making him sound like a pedophile (which he isn’t).

Aside from that Daikoku can be defensive, especially towards Kofuku. As Kofuku brings disaster wherever she goes, he does not allow Kofuku to go anywhere without his permission. However, Kofuku dislikes this defensive nature of his. But sometimes he can also be very mysterious and sneaky when he finds Kofuku at different places where he is not.

Daikoku is also considered a reliable person. Yato tells Hiyori to go ask for Daikoku and Kofuku’s help should something happens to him.

Abilities and Skills

Daikoku has a special ability and displays only one skill as a shinki.

  • Vent-opening/Gloom-summoning
    • This is a special ability only attainable as Kofuku’s weapon Kokki. When Kofuku waves Kokki, she is able to force a Vent to open and summon a huge amount of Gloom. This ability is considered scary by many of the gods, befitting of her nickname “Queen of Bad Luck”.
  • Boundary
    • This is a skill attainable to all shinki in human form. So far he used this ability twice: The first was to separate himself and Kofuku from a blighted Yato, Hiyori and Yukine in chapter 10; and he also used it together with Kazuma and Mayu to perform the purification ritual towards Yukine in Chapter 11. In the anime, he used this skill for the same purposes in episode Episode 8.


Daikoku had been serving Kofuku as her shinki and guardian for a long time, and it is unknown for how long he has been working with Kofuku. He knew Yato quite well; a result of Yato’s frequent visits to their home even before the series started.

Daikoku being overprotective on Kofuku

His history as a human was never known, however, due to his liking towards children it was assumed that Daikoku used to be a father before he died.

He says in the manga that he isn't a blessed regalia because Kofuku doesn't want him to become one, as the effects would be disastrous (the void opened by Daikoku would grow exponentially and many more ayakashi would come out of it).

Because of his love for children, Kofuku searched for the spirit of a child to make it into her shinki. The child was called Daigo and looked to be around three to four years old. In the manga, Kofuku explains to Hiyori that they had to let him go, because of problems that surged when Daigo began asking why he wasn't growing. Kofuku mentions that Daikoku blighted her because of the child and that she regretted making him feel so sad in her attempt to make him happy.


  • Daikoku's true name, 黒 kuro, means "black".
    • The additional character in his given name, 大 dai, means "big" or "great".
  • Daikoku is the only known shinki whose human name has the “family name” as a prefix. (Technically, this is only true in the anime, as this is true of Kofuku's previous shinki, Daigo, as well as Amaterasu's shinki, Mikagami, Mitsurugi, and Mitama.)
    • Daikoku is also the only currently known shinki whose given name is based on the vessel name instead of the true name.
  • Daikoku’s name is derived from an actual Shinto god named Daikokuten (大黒天), the god of wealth and is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune. In Japan, Daikokuten is often paired with another god named Ebisu (恵比寿) which is the god of fishermen, luck and workingmen, and their idols are normally placed together in business centers to bring good luck. In Noragami however, this pairing is played by both Ebisu Kofuku and Daikoku as “Ebisu” (エビス) is a professional name to hide her real name, Binbougami (貧乏神); while Daikoku’s name is “stolen” from the god of medicine and magic Ookuninushi (大国主), who is often portrayed as the equivalent of Daikokuten due to the similarity of the pronunciation (Ookuni, 大国 can also be pronounced as "Daikoku").
  • Kofuku says she wants Daikoku to raise her if she gets reborn.
  • Daikoku used to be an "anachronistic" shinki - transforming into a type of hand fan that did not exist during the era he and Kofuku met in. Kofuku claims this is considered a sign of good compatibility between a shinki and a god.
  • Daikoku, along with Kofuku, sung the song Ai Wa Yaoyorozu.
  • Daikoku slightly resembles Katakura Kojuro from Sengoku Basara.
  • He is happy when there's a child (Yukine) around.

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