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Daikoku ( (だい) (こく) , Daikoku) is Kofuku's shinki and guidepost.


Daikoku looks to be a very tall male, age unknown. He has shoulder-length black hair combed to the back and a pair of sharp eyes that are colored dark red in the anime. He has stubble on his chin. He usually dresses in a pink shirt and a pair of brown trousers and white boots, occasionally wearing a black apron.

As a vessel, he transforms into a black hand fan. Kofuku thought it was a fan from another country or future era when she first named him.[1]


"Hands off my lady!"

Daikoku is a somewhat stern and intimidating individual, especially on his first impression.[2] He can also be aggressive when defending his master, Kofuku,[2] while at other times he is very open and gentle with his affections toward her.[3] He is deeply loyal and would go to great lengths for those he cares about,[4][5] and has been described by other characters as a stable and unimposing shinki.[6] Daikoku also seems to have a soft spot for children, and would have liked to be a father.[7]

Skills & Abilities

  • Bore / Vent-opening: As Kofuku's divine weapon, Kokki is able to open vents, a direct connection between the Near Shore and the Underworld.[8] Although it has not been directly specified, it is possible that this ability is unique to this duo.
  • Borderline: As a shinki, Daikoku is able to perform a borderline.[9] As such, he can participate in forming a Purgatory and can therefore help carry out an Ablution.[4]


  • Daikoku's true name, (くろ) kuro, means "black". The additional character in his given name, (だい) dai, means "big" or "great".
  • Along with Daigo,[7] Daikoku is currently the only known shinki whose human name is based on the On reading ( (こく) koku) rather than the Kun reading ( (くろ) kuro) of the kanji. Other than Amaterasu's shinki,[10] he and Daigo are also the only known shinki whose human names use the “family name” ( (だい) dai) as a prefix rather than a suffix.
  • Daikoku’s name is derived from an actual Shinto god named Daikokuten ( (だい) (こく) (てん) ), the god of wealth and is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune. Daikokuten originated from Mahākāla, the Buddhist version of the Hindu deity Shiva, conflated with the native Shinto god Ōkuninushi. In Japan, Daikokuten is often paired with another god named Ebisu ( () () 寿 () ) which is the god of fishermen, luck and workingmen, and their idols are normally placed together in business centers to bring good luck. In Noragami however, this pairing is played by both Ebisu Kofuku and Daikoku as “Ebisu” (エビス) is a professional name to hide her real name, Binbougami ( (びん) (ぼう) (がみ) ); while Daikoku’s name is “stolen” from the god of medicine and magic Ookuninushi ( (おお) (くに) (ぬし) ), who is often portrayed as the equivalent of Daikokuten due to the similarity of the pronunciation ( (おお) (くに) Ookuni can also be pronounced as "Daikoku").
  • Daikoku is an example of an "anachronistic" shinki - his vessel form did not exist during the era he was named. Kofuku claims this is considered a sign of good compatibility between a shinki and a god.[7]
  • He is happy when there's a child (Yukine) around.[11]
  • He pays Yukine 500 yen (about $5/hour) to work at their shop.[11]
  • Daikoku, along with Kofuku, sung the song Ai Wa Yaoyorozu.[citation needed]
  • Daikoku slightly resembles Katakura Kojuro from Sengoku Basara.


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