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A Covenant Ceremony (誓の儀 Ukei no Gi), often simplified to Covenant (誓 or うけい Ukei), is a ritual that determines the law of Heaven. According to Takemikazuchi, it is the only permissible method of appealing Heaven's judgement.[1]


  • With the exception of Amaterasu and the participants in the Covenant, no one is permitted to stand. All other gods are expected to remain bowing on their knees.
  • Once a god requests a Covenant, Amaterasu is obligated to carry it out.
  • Amaterasu must wager her three sacred treasures (Mikagami, Mitama, and Mitsurugi). This side represents that Heaven's current judgement is correct.
  • Three gods must wager the lives of their guideposts. This side represents that Heaven's current judgement is wrong.
    • The Covenant Ceremony may be initiated before three gods volunteer. In this case, if a second or third god does not step up to provide a wager, the Covenant ends in favor of Heaven.
  • Amaterasu strikes both the wagers simultaneously; the side that is beheaded is determined to be in the wrong. This is repeated until either side survives 2 out of 3 rounds.


A Covenant is requested by Tenjin in order to have Bishamonten, Yato, and Yukine pardoned. According to Amaterasu, should the ritual find them guilty, it would result in death or confinement. The Covenant Ceremony begins in Chapter 71 and ends in Chapter 72.

First Round

Tenjin wagers Tsuyu and Amaterasu wagers Mitsurugi. The round ends in favor of Heaven.

Second Round

Ebisu wagers Kunimi and Amaterasu wagers Mitama. The round ends in favor of the rebels.

Third Round

Kofuku wagers Daikoku and Amaterasu wagers Mikagami. The round ends in favor of the rebels. As a result, Heaven is deemed to be in the wrong, Tsuyu is revived, and Yato, Yukine, and Bishamon are pardoned.


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