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Cloudburst ( (しゅう) () , Shūu) is an ability used jointly by Yato and Rekki in his bow-and-arrow form. Yato defines it as a scattershot of Rekki's Crimson Bloom, creating a rain of arrowheads.[1]

Casting Sequence

Yato signals the use of this ability in the same way as Crimson Bloom: commanding, "Sing, Rekki!" ( (うた) (れっ) () Utae, Rekki), followed by the title of the attack.

Cloudburst requires that Kazuma recites an incantation.[2] According to Father, it is a rearrangement of the Firefighting Incantation.[1]

The normal Cloudburst incantation has not been revealed. Kazuma later uses a modified version that references Yato's sweat,[2] although this does not seem to affect the nature of the attack.

(あせ) (かみ) ! / () (あせ) (わき) (あせ) / (あせ) ダルマ / (しゅう) () !!
(Original Japanese text)

Ase no kami! / Te ase, waki ase / Ase daruma / Shūu!!
(Romaji transliteration)

Sweaty god of sweat! / Sweat of hands, sweat of armpits, / Great big ball of sweat / (Cloud B.O. Burst)!!
(Official English translation)


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