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Savior ( (すくい) (ぬし) , Sukuinushi) is the 97th chapter of the manga series ノラガミ Noragami by Adachitoka. The first part was released on November 6, 2021 and the second part was released on December 6, 2021.

Short Summary

The shinki of the gods sent to subjugate the Crafter have been affected by Liberation, while the town continues to burn. Father faces Amaterasu; meanwhile, Ebisu and Takemikazuchi finally arrive at the site of the Crafter's grave on Tamatsuki.

Extended Summary

Chapter 97-1

Shinatsuhiko is attacked by Father, while Kagutsuchi checks on Ōkuninushi. Shinatsuhiko is devastated over his guidepost, Tsuhiro, who was damaged and exposed to the God's Greatest Secret by Chiki.

Kagutsuchi is attacked next. His sword, Gaiki, and his set of rings, Bouki, are also exposed to the God's Greatest Secret. Meanwhile, The Stray looks overjoyed that Father has called her again. Father comments that he seems to recall Kagutsuchi's specialty is reincarnating, explains to him that his shinki will inevitably turn into phantoms within a few days, and then leaves the scene.

Yatagarasu arrives in his crow form, and Kagutsuchi explains the situation. They've set much of the town on fire and the Crafter has escaped. They plan to rejoin Amaterasu so they can protect her.

Hiyori regrets not being able to stop The Stray from leaving. She thinks that since she has only ever called The Stray by "Stray" - a derogatory term - instead of a genuine name, she'd never have the power to be able to call her back. She realizes that giving a name to an unborn child like her is like giving her a life.

In her human form, The Stray apologizes to Father for letting him get hurt while they were apart. Father explains that he got lucky that Ookuninushi's aim was off, otherwise he would've died. He thanks The Stray for coming to his side. The Stray is concerned that Amaterasu has found him. According to him, since her eyes are the sun, she'd still be able to find him even if he dies and resurrects into a new body.

The Stray suggests that they hide for the time being, but Father doesn't want to. He recalls the joy he felt the first time he and Chiki broke a shinki's name, turning them into a karma ayakashi and forcing their god to reincarnate.

He calls Chiki, and Hagusa is shown cowering in the distance with his hands covering his ears. Father says he's planning to take Amaterasu's head. The Stray objects, but he still approaches Amaterasu, who is waiting for him in front of the sun.

Chapter 97-2

Takemikazuchi and Ebisu arrive on Tamatsuki. They notice a boat moored by the shore; Ebisu concludes that this might mean that people are still visiting the island. Takemikazuchi notices a path leading to a small hut in which they find an old man and a woman, along with two children. The man introduces himself as Satou - the 73rd grave-keeper - and the woman & children as his family who help him take care of the place.

Ebisu inquires whether the pile of masks seen in the backroom is an altar and Satou explains that it is the grave Mask-Maker. Takemikazuchi tries to draw his sword to destroy the grave but Ebisu stops him. Satou goes on to explain that the Mask-Maker was blind and deaf, and that the island was a manifestation of his bottomless anger. He remarks that the person was cursed to be called a god but was indeed something like a god to the people who worshipped at the altar, and that the Mask-Maker had saved them from a young boy who the law had failed to judge.

Ebisu asks whether he can offer a prayer to the Mask-Maker and is invited inside. Satou explains that the Mask-Maker was a child who was orphaned around 1000 years ago, rescued by a missionary from under rubble. The boy became dependent on him; however, the missionary was on a journey into death to meet the Buddha and "took his orphan companion with him."

The scene switches to Father, who is confronted by several gods for pointing his staff at Amaterasu. Amaterasu tells the gods to take their shinki and leave this place and Father proceeds to attack them, saying that he has continued to exist by hiding in blind spots and even though Amaterasu's eyes see all evil deeds, she was never able to find him. Father's attack is shown to have affected many shinki; he remarks that even though he is called the "Great Calamity", they have failed to catch him all this time due to their good fortune.

The chapter ends with Father confronting Amaterasu, asking if she remembers him.


Character debuts

  • Tsuhiro
  • Three unnamed shinki of Shinatsuhiko
  • Bouki (human name unknown)
  • Gaiki (human name unknown)
  • Four unnamed shinki of Kagutsuchi
  • Unnamed missionary

Characters in order of appearance