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Call My Name (名前を呼んで Namae wo yonde) is the 96th chapter of the manga series Noragami by Adachitoka. The first part was released on September 6, 2021 and the second part will be released on October 6, 2021.

Chapter 96-1

Chapter 96-2

The three shrouded envoys of Heaven mistakenly assume that Hagusa is Chiki, and their identities are revealed to be Kagutsuchi, Shinatsuhiko, and Ōkuninushi. Ookuninushi transforms into a giant spider, smacking Father to the ground and causing an earthquake when they both land.

At Yuka's house, Hiyori watches a news report about earthquakes, fire, and strong winds in the northern region of Japan. Nora is informed of Father's situation by his masked crow phantoms. She kills one of them using a borderline, clearly upset that Father continues to try manipulating and using her even after he cast her aside for so long.

Shinatsuhiko and Kagutsuchi are concerned that they're causing too much damage to the Near Shore. A crow, presumably Yatagarasu, arrives and tells them to confirm that the Sorceror is dead by bringing back his head. Amaterasu had told them not use their shinki, but Shinatsuhiko deems it necessary because they want to avoid hurting innocent human bystanders by continuing to use their powers.

On the ground, Ookuninushi has reverted to his human-like form. He seems to be upset by how he's caused earthquakes. A long time in the past, he had to be quelled by the Heavens because he had been causing too many earthquakes. Over the years, he and the humans who worshiped him forget his tumultuous nature, and he focused on creating bonds rather than violence.

Father, injured on the ground behind Ookuninushi, calls for Chiki. She has tears in her eyes, and Hiyori tries to grab her hand to make her stay, but she still goes to him.

Shinatsuhiko nad Kagutsuchi try to tell Ookuninushi that they're going to finish Father off with their shinki, but they find him unconscious on the ground, bleeding from the head. Father, now shrouded in a dark cloak, appears behind Shinatsuhiko, about to strike his throat using Chiki.

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