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Within the Net ( (ほう) () (もう) , Hōimō) is the 95th chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series by Adachitoka. The first part was released on July 6, 2021 and the second part was released on August 6, 2021.

Short Summary

Takemikazuchi and Ebisu arrive at Tamatsuki, and Amaterasu finds that someone is trying to entrap her in a net. The fight between Yato and Father continues, although Yukine is now showing reservations. Hiyori wakes up after fainting multiple chapters ago at Yuka Miyaike's house.

Extended Summary

Chapter 95-1

Takemikazuchi and Ebisu and traversing a river in a rowboat to reach Tamatsuki, where they believe the Crafter to be buried. Takemikazuchi wonders if they're actually in the right place since they would have encountered some sort of traps by now if the Crafter's grave was truly here, but Ebisu seems more sure of it. Takemikazuchi also seems disgruntled and bored by the lack of ayakashi, even though Ooharai has now started.

They try analyzing the poem again. It mentions a song, so Takemikazuchi suggests that they try singing it, despite Ebisu thinking that's too simple an explanation. Takemikazuchi recites the first two lines from a poem from a Waka collection, which Kiun had him learn during his childhood: "'Bout the light'ning dark / At the bay of Ayakashi / In the morning mist... / Pensively I watch the boat / Hide beyond island shadow."

Takemikazuchi says that he is still pretty young, accidentally hinting that he was reincarnated relatively recently. Ebisu only laughs in surprise that he admitted it (which may imply that Takemikazuchi's reincarnation was not a very well-kept secret).

Takemikazuchi shouts that he saw Ebisu's previous incarnation laughing at him in the mist, but Ebisu says it was only a mirage. Takemikazuchi then points to what seems to be foliage in the distance and demands to know if it's a mirage, too. Ebisu replies that it's possible, since there's no island at that location on the map. They both realize that the poem from before must have had an effect, so he recites again three times (this time including the last two lines). The mist is completely dispelled, revealing an island. They are both shocked, since it's located in the direction they came from, but neither of them had noticed it. Ebisu says that it must be located inside a blind spot, and the poem is the key to uncovering it. The two of them are determined to find and destroy the gravestone.

Meanwhile, Ooharai is starting up, and Amaterasu realizes that a thread-like netting has been tangling on her for a while, though her shinki are unable to see it. She wonders why someone is trying to capture her, or if she's done something wrong. She tells Ōkuninushi not to pity Yato, and that killing the Crafter is his ultimate priority. Amaterasu worries about the calamity of the Father, the fact that Heaven was proven wrong in the recent Trial by Pledge, and the situation of those who ventured and returned from Yomi.

Yato and Father continue their fight.

Chapter 95-2

The half-chapter opens with a flashback. Yukine sits at a table with his father, Naomichi Tajima, who is reflecting in disbelief on his ex-wife and Yuka leaving him. Haru sits across the table form him with a happy smile, though internally he's thinking about how much he wants to leave. Other instances show Naomichi demanding that Haruki steal money to repay him for things he threw out.

In the present, Father tries to get Yukine to focus and stab Yato, but Yukine is visibly hesitant. He grazes Yato's leg, but on the inside he's thinking that he's scared and wants to be with his sister.

Arahabaki and Shiiho are beginning their rounds for Ooharai. They note that there aren't many phantoms around, and then notice that two gods are caught in threadlike net, implied to belong to Hagusa.

The scene returns to the fight between Yato and Father, who continues scolding Yukine for not responding quickly enough to attacks. Father seems to be worried that Amaterasu is on her way. Yato sees that Hagusa's net is expanding, and tells Kazuma they should tear it apart to pull Yukine out form its center. However, they have conflicting interests; Kazuma thinks killing the Crafter takes priority, but Yato thinks saving Yukine takes priority, since Father could just be executed by Heaven shortly. (Although there's no guarantee he won't simply reincarnate into another human body.)

Kazuma attempts to convince him, but ultimately follows Yato's wishes. He uses a modified incantation when told to use his Cloudburst attack. Despite the altered incantation, it seems to work the same way. Kazuma points out that he can see Yukine in the center of the net, reaching out for something. Father grabs him and they fly off. Yato shouts for Yukine to come back, since Amaterasu would target him too.

Hiyori wakes up by herself, after fainting multiple chapters ago at Yuka Miyaike's house.


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