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Objective (むく (さき) , Muku saki) is the 93rd chapter of the Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka.

Short Summary

Gods gather in preparation for Ooharai, with three unnamed gods selected by Amaterasu to take down the Crafter. Yato and Father's conflict continues, and Takemikazuchi and Ebisu travel together to Tamatsuki.

Extended Summary

Chapter 93-1

Gods gather in Takamagahara in preparation for Ooharai, including Benzaiten, Fukurokuju, Jurojin, and Hotei. Arahabaki arrives and introduces them to Shiiho. It's revealed that Arahabaki has been assigned Bishamonten's previous patrol area, since she isn't partaking in Ooharai this year.

Benzaiten sends her shinki, Murasaki, and Shiiho away so that she can talk with Arahabaki. She warns him that a shinki that's been touched by the God's Greatest Secret has appeared, but it seems to be contained for the time being.

Amaterasu has summoned gods of combat to come talk to her, unarmed. She gives them permission to tap into their more violent, aramitama nature in order to kill the Sorceror.

Meanwhile, Father expresses that he can't believe that Yato told Heaven about him. Father riles Yukine up by telling that Yato is intending to die and sweet talk him into raising his reincarnation.

Chapter 93-2

Yato and Father resume their fight. Kazuma is shocked to find that as a vessel, Hagusa has a human form, a beast form, a staff form, and the ability to produce the Goodness Net. According to Father, Hagusa is incapable of hurting good people.

He brings up that Yukine was murdered by Naomichi Tajima in an attempt to break Kazuma with the God's Greatest Secret. To distract him,Yato has Kazuma focus on a fire spell against Father. Father has Hagusa try to catch Yato in his Righteous Net, but he's able to escape into a sewer. There, he tells Kazuma not to think about what Father said earlier, and to instead think only about Bishamon and the possibility of returning to her after defeating Father.

The scene transitions to Ebisu and Takemikazuchi, the latter of whom is paddling their rowboat to Tamatsuki. A flashback shows that one of Ebisu's previous incarnations had left a record of his conjectures on the location of the Sorceror's enshrinement. The oldest recorded mask was found on Tamatsuki, and there was a poem hinting at the island's location. Notably, Ebisu's immediate predecessor had never gone to Tamatsuki, because an Ebisu from several incarnations ago had purged many shinki on that island and swore to never return. Tenjin assumed that the God's Greatest Secret had gotten out on the island and he had to eliminate all the shinki he brought with him. The current Ebisu offered to go alone, but Takemikazuchi interrupted and said he would accompany him.

The fight between Yato and Father continues. Yukine wonders where his father is, and grows angry at the idea that he might already be dead and living peacefully as a shinki. He swears that he'll find his dad to get his revenge. Yukine attacks full force, and both Yato and Father are shocked by his outburst.


Character debuts

  • Murasaki

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