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When Dawn Comes... ( () () けは, Yoake Wa) is the 92nd chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka. The first part was released on January 6, 2021 and the second part was released on February 5, 2021.

Short Summary

Arahabaki and Shiiho depart for their Ooharai rounds, leaving Nana at the compound.

Meanwhile, after scouting out his masked ayakashi, Yato - wielding Rekki - faces the Crafter head on; the town below devolves into chaos as a result of the Goodness Net. The duo overwhelms Father as Yato prepares to kill him before Amaterasu arrives.

Extended Summary

Chapter 92-1

Yato and Rekki hide together in a trash can while scoping out the area. Yato intends to follow a nearby masked ayakashi to find Father. Kazuma gags and complains about the stench of the trash, but Yato says that it's necessary while they're stalking someone. Kazuma worries that his discomfort will affect Bishamon's condition. Their squabbling is interrupted when Yato's attention is drawn to "another" argument between a group of humans across the street. He remarks that it must be true that ayakashi increase in number toward the years' end, but also notes that it's strange how they've seen so much conflict without an ayakashi in sight, which Kazuma agrees is strange. Yato says that Father enjoys sowing discord and would usually command ayakashi to fan the flames in this situation, but since there are no possessed people in the area, he wonders whether this is truly Father or Yuuki's doing.

He thinks back to his vow to Amaterasu and her Sacred Treasures that he would kill the Crafter before Ooharai. Yato claims that that time limit will make things more fun, but Kazuma points out that he said so in a very timid voice. The masked ayakashi from earlier flies away, and Yato rolls the trash can down the road in hurried pursuit.

The scene transitions to Shiiho, Nana, and Arahabaki. Arahabaki collects Shiiho so they can leave for Takamagahara, where gods gather for preparations before the start of Ooharai. Shiiho explains its purpose, and Arahabaki elaborates that on Ooharai, gods are much more thorough than they usually would be, since the year's end tends to make humans anxious and more vulnerable to influence from ayakashi. He goes on to say that it's been a rotten year, recalling the events of Bishamon's subjugation. He tells Nana that you shouldn't cleanse only yourself– you should ask for help and offer help to others. He also mentions that Bishamon is her benefactor, and that no one would be able to fill the hole she left, including himself.

Nana tells them to take care, and Shiiho teases her about her status as a fugitive that prevents her from leaving the mountain. Slightly annoyed, she says that she doesn't even want to leave, and goes back inside while Arahabaki and Shiiho wish her a good night. Nana goes to sleep with the other children, thinking about how the dark used to scare her after being locked away for so long, but now feels warmth and comfort. Tearing up, she thinks that she wants to hold on to that feeling since she knows there are days the morning may not come.

Father remarks that it has been a busy night and Hagusa's Goodness Net has landed quite a haul, resulting in violence, threats; anyone who stands up for rulebreakers seems to fall under the category of "evil". Just then, Yato and Kazuma appear on a building behind Father to engage him in a fight. Rather than trying for a head shot using Rekki's bow form, they attack him head-on with Rekki's katana form.

Chapter 92-2

While Yato gears up to attack him, Father says that he has really taken his past advice to heart: kill them in their sleep, stab them in the back, pay no heed to their pleas for their lives, and attack when they're defenseless. He blocks Yato's blow using the Word, and Yato is shocked that he's unable to cut it. Father reminds him that the Word is a creation of Izanami, and that Yato wasn't even able to cut through her hair. While Yato is distracted, Father attempts to name Kazuma using the Word, but they move out of the way before he can. Father laughs at Kazuma's obvious anger at the situation, saying that it wouldn't be a big deal since Kazuma is already a stray anyway. Yato tells Kazuma to ignore him, since Father is only trying to rile him up.

Yato is surprised when Father addresses him as "Yato" rather than "Yaboku". Father asks how long he's been going by that name, and recalls that Yato had once asked the Stray to call him by his new name because he was "scared of Yaboku". At the time, it wasn't an inconvenience to Father, so he had allowed Yato to do as he pleased. He now asks if Yato is still actually afraid of him (Father).

At the same time, Yato commands Rekki to use Crimson Petals, which creates a series of explosions. When the smoke clears, Yato is no longer in view. Father commends Kazuma for the skill it must've taken to maintain such a precise borderline between the Near and Far Shores during such a large-scale attack. He swiftly dodges an arrow which comes from below. He calls Yato stupid for using such a talented shinki for such a predictable smokescreen attack. However, another arrow suddenly flies up from below, catching Father off guard and injuring his left leg. Numerous other arrows immediately follow, and Father escapes the rest by moving to another rooftop, though he stumbles and falls on the landing. Yato pursues him while, shouting that Father had fallen for this "stupid kid's" trick and the he would kill him before Amaterasu arrives.

Father summons Yuuki, in shocked disbelief that Yato had actually sold him out to the Heavens.


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No new characters debuted in this chapter.

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