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When Dawn Comes... (夜明けは, Yoake Wa?) is the 92nd chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka.


Chapter 92-1

Yato and Kazuma hide in a trashcan while staking out a location in their search for Father. They note how strange it is that there are so few phantoms. A flashback shows Yato vowing to Mikagami, Mitsurugi, and Mitama that he will kill the Sorceror before Ooharai begins.

The scene shifts to Shiiho, Nana, and Arahabaki. He collects Shiiho so they can leave for Takamagahara, where gods are gathering so they can set out together to begin the Ooharai purging. Nana goes to sleep with other shinki, and realizes how content she is living with Arahabaki.

Father remarks that Yukine's righteous net has been very effective lately. He seems to condemn violence, threats, rule-breaking, and anyone who stands up for those people. Just then, Yato and Kazuma appear to engage him in a fight. Rather than trying for a head shot using Rekki's bow form, they attack him head-on with Rekki's katana form.

Chapter 92-2

Father blocks the attack using the Locution Brush, much to Kazuma's shock. He attempts to use it to name Kazuma, but they move out of the way before he can. Yato tells Kazuma to stay calm since Father is only trying to rile him up.

Father recalls that Yato had asked Nora to call him by his alias, because he was "scared of Yaboku". He remarks that Yato must have actually been scared of Father this whole time.

Yato has Kazuma use his attack, Microburst, which creates a smokescreen. Another arrow flies up from below, catching Father off guard and injuring his left leg. Father escapes the rest of the arrows by moving to another rooftop, and Yato pursues him while shouting that he would kill him before Amaterasu arrives.

Father summons Hagusa, in angry disbelief that Yato had actually sold him out to the Heavens.


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