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Strays On A Stormy Night ( () () () のノラたち, Shikeru Hi no Noratachi) is the 8th chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka. It was released on July 6, 2011.

Short Summary

Yukine continues to act out, dissatisfied with his current life as Yato's shinki, but Yato resolves to temper him. However, The Stray tries to convince Yato that Yukine isn't suited to be his partner.

Extended Summary

The Stray notes how Yato never calls her and that his current Shinki Yukine is insufficient. She goes onto suggest using her and dumping Yukine.

In her private bathing area, Bishamonten recalls her failure to kill Yato and when she gets out she's attended to by two of her young personal attendants. She and some of her Shinki follow her as she sets off once again.

At school, Hiyori, Akira, and Aimi read over the new about the rise in incidents around the town. Hiyori believes the main cause to it is because of Kofuku's ability attracted a large number of ayakashi. The area where Kofuku's ability was used, was reported that a vent touched down there. Furthermore, due to Hiyori's mental well being, and to keep Yukine's temptations in check. Yato bans Yukine from staying over Hiyori's house. This all makes Hiyori feel sad and contemplate whether Yato sees someone like Yukine as a tool.

Meanwhile, Yato performs a duty as a convenience store clerk, much to Yukine's annoyance. Soon, Kofuku and Daikoku arrive at the store thanks to Hiyori leading them to there. As to why they're there, Daikoku reveals that a misdirected request fell into their hands and so they decided to delegate it to Yato. While Yato agrees to accept the quest, he's curious as to how she found him. How is because Horiyuki followed Yato's wonderful scent to the location, but refuses to disclose it. At that moment, Yukine steals some money and Yato finds out that he did. Nonchalantly, Yukine brushes it off and after he leaves, Yato accepts the request and goes after him. Also, Yato leaves the store in Kofuku and Daikoku's hands.

On the way to Yukine's location, Yato reads over the request which is a pretty straightforward extermination quest. Once Yato and Hiyori catch up to Yukine, he trips and falls revealing that he stole the donation box there. Out of no where, The Stray appears in front of Yukine and compliments his eyes. In doing so, various characters are revealed written across her body. Yato transforms Yukine back into his Shinki form and demands to know why a "stray" like her is there. The Stray then reveals that Yato used to use her in the past and was the one that was used to kill Bishamonten's Shinki in the past.

Eventually, Yato confronts a giant moth ayakashi and Yato has trouble defeating it as Yukine has become rather dull. So Yato pours water from the shrine onto Yukine which has an adverse effect on the moth. In the end, Yato manages to defeat the moth, is sequentially purified at the shrine thnaks to Hiyori dumping him in the shrine water. Also. Kofuku and Daikoku were fired from their job at the convenience store. Time passes by and Hiyori spots Bishamonten riding on Kuraha. The moment she tries to run away, Kazuma stops her noting that she can see them.


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