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Lives At Stake (いのち () して, Inochi to shite) is the seventy-first chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka. It was released on December 6, 2016.

Short Summary

Hiyori guards an unconscious Bishamon from a person she doesn't recognize. Meanwhile, at Tenjin's request, Amaterasu holds a Trial by Pledge for Yato, Yukine, and Bishamon.

Extended Summary

While he's sealed away, Yukine recalls the image of Bishamonten after he cut her. He laments that he hasn't been able to protect people, and that this time he thought they would all be able to go home together.

After finding Bishamon's unconscious body, Hiyori guards her from an unknown person wearing a cloak. She plans to attack him with a Jungle Savate, but the person recognizes her before she can. He pulls down his hood, revealing himself as Arahabaki, and cheerfully tells her that he recognizes her as one of Yato's from Kamuhakari. He says that he has conflicting feelings about Yato now because he's rebelled against Heaven and caused some damage to Shiiho. He tells Hiyori that Heaven plans to execute Yato and imprison Yukine forever, much to her shock. He tells her that there's no way to change Heaven's judgement, even if it's a false charge, and explains that his previous incarnation was struck down for rebelling as well. He tries to reassure her that Heaven will accept Yato again once he reincarnates.

Tenjin requests a Trial by Pledge for Yato, Yukine, and Bishamon. When Ebisu asks, Takemikazuchi explains the rules of the Trial by Pledge. Ebisu and Kofuku are relieved that they can appeal Heaven's judgement, until Takemikazuchi explains that the ritual requires three guideposts as sacrifices/wagers.

Tenjin apologizes to Tsuyu that he has chosen to wager her life. He was going to remain a bystander, but felt that he couldn't once he saw Yato's face. Tsuyu says that she is actually happy that he's remained kind at heart even with all the power he holds as a god. She seems to express gratitude to him for seeing her spirit within a plum tree so that she could exist in a human form as she is now. Tenjin wishes he could continue to watch the plum blossoms peacefully with her.

Tsuyu lines up against Mitsurugi for the first round of judgement. Amaterasu strikes them, and Tsuyu loses her head. Tenjin looks devastated, and he apologizes to Yato. He had thought that if they'd won the first round, it would encourage other gods to provide a wager.

To the others' shock, Ebisu volunteers Kunimi. Yato objects, saying that Kunimi is the shinki his previous incarnation had tried so hard to protect. Kunimi himself looks sick with worry, having not had enough time to mentally prepare. Ebisu promises that he can do all the things Kunimi does for him (brushing his teeth, putting on his socks, etc.) by himself, which Kunimi doesn't believe. Ebisu reminds him that his previous incarnation owed Yato a debt, and that gambling is his forte. Kunimi agrees to trust him, and lines up against Mitama for the second round of judgement. As Ebisu predicted, Kunimi survives.

Amaterasu asks for the third wager. Kiun tells Takemikazuchi that he wouldn't object to being volunteered, and Takemikazuchi threatens to actually do it. Privately, he tells himself that he doesn't care if Kiun loses his head. But he remembers Kiun promising that he is on his side, and doesn't volunteer him.

Daikoku moves forward in his vessel form, and he is reverted to his human form by Amaterasu even while Kofuku tearfully objects. Kofuku tries to get him to change his mind, but Daikoku says that he can't let Yukine stay inside the sarcophagus. Daikoku tells her he's confident that Yukine will be saved if he goes.

Meanwhile, inside the sarcophagus, Yukine scratches at the walls and begs to be let out, saying he can't breathe. Notably, he calls for his dad. Yato is blighted by Yukine's emotional state. Watching this, Father thinks that Yato can finally understand that Heaven is the true enemy. Yato approaches the sarcophagus, intending to try to rescue Yukine, but he's held back by Takemikazuchi. Takemikazuchi tells him that he shouldn't tarnish the Trial by Pledge by interrupting, when three gods have already agreed to make sacrifices for his sake.

Daikoku lines up against Mikagami for the final round of judgement.


Character Debuts

No new characters debuted in this chapter.

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