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Benighted ( () (かれ) , Dare so Kare) is the 7th chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka. It was released on June 6, 2011.

Short Summary

Yato and Yukine are attacked and pursued by Bishamonten, a goddess who holds a severe grudge against Yato. Hiyori asks Kofuku to help them escape.

Extended Summary

The woman that confronted Yato and Yukine was named Bishamonten and was accompanied by her Shinki Kinuha and Kuraha. Yato gives Yukine a quick summary of who and his relation to Bishamonten is. Once that's disclosed, Yato transforms, Yukine into his Shinken form and escapes. Hiyori nearly calls out to Yato revealing that she can see Bishamonten, but manages to feign ignorance enough to trick the goddess to dissuade herself from that notion. It's then that Hiyori realizes that the woman Kofuku talked about was Bishamonten.

Meanwhile, Bishamonten tracks Yato's location thanks to the help from Kazuma. Elsewhere, Yato frantically tries to outrun Bishamonten, but soon she catches up to him. The two fight and in the process Yato slices Kinuha, which infuriates Bishamonten who confronts Yato and has Kuraha bite down onto the right side of his shoulder. Yukine retaliates by slicing Kuraha's right eye. This gives an opportunity for the two to escape.

Back at Kofuku's place, Hiyori beseeches both Kofuku and Daikoku for help. Initially Kofuku believes that Hiyori is trying to extort money from them, which triggers Daikoku. However, Kofuku decides to help Hiyori and will have her repay her at a later time. Using her keen sense of smell, Hiyori locates Yato's location. In a thick forest, Bishamonten once again catches up to Yato and Yukine now wielding Yugiha. They're stopped by Kofuku who uses Vent Opening to separate the two. Before leaving, Bishamonten flees the scene she vows her revenge against Yato.

That night at the shrine, Yato learns that he's unable to purify the Blight that he contracted. At that moment, a young girl named Nora appears before Yato.


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Adaptation Notes

  • In the manga, when Kuraha bites Yato's shoulder, Yukine injures Kuraha's eye by moving on his own. In the anime, The Stray allows Yato to escape Kuraha's hold by immobilizing him using Bakufu. Yato then turns around and slashes Kuraha's eye using Sekki.