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Be Afraid (コワイヒト, Kowai Hito) is the 6th chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka. It was released on May 6, 2011.

Short Summary

Yato introduces Yukine and Hiyori to Kofuku, the goddess of poverty, and her shinki, Daikoku. Hiyori learns something of Yato's dark past, just before he's confronted by a mysterious woman riding a lion.

Extended Summary

At Hiyori's house, Yukine manages to successfully sneak into her house. Hiyori leads Yukine to her, brother's old room, where he can stay in. All going well according to Hiyori's "plan" a discrepancy arrives in the form of Yato accompanying her parents who cannot "see" him. Immediately, Hiyori kicks Yato out of her house, who was merely enjoying the hospitality of her home. Furthermore he notes that if Hiyori is afraid of thieves she should be wary of Yukine. He goes onto explain the insidious nature of most humans that sin and the emotions that drive them to do so. During this monologue, Yato feels another sharp pain and he notes that he must punish Yukine later.

Later that night, Yukine visits Hiyori in her room and she decides to allow Yukine to sleep in bed with her. However, Yato soon arrives and pulls him out of the bed and scolds him. Days past and Yukine starts to take advantage of Hiyori's generosity, forcing her to do more chores around the house for extra money. Eventually, Yato approaches Hiyori and she along with Yukine are introduced to Yato's girlfriend named Kofuku and her shinki, Daikoku. Inside of her place, Daikoku formally introduces himself and Yato notes that he's a lolicon, which perturbs Daikoku making Yato flee in terror. Kofuku then chimes in trying to explain Daikoku's love for kids, however, it unintentionally corroborates Yato's claim. After Hiyori introduces herself, the subject changes about how Yato once killed a Shinki. This lead him to make an enemy of a certain powerful individual. It's also revealed that as a god of combat, Yato can kill humans. Looking rather dour from this revelation, Kofuku hugs her. Yukine and Daikoku then talk and when it's brought up that Yukine would be interested in working there, it's instantly shot down as Daikoku is sufficent enough.

Afterward, Hiyori and Yukine leave Kofuku's house and meet up with Yato. Yato claims that if anything were to happen to him, she can go to them for help. They then separate and Hiyori notes the wonderful smell of Yato, while remembering he's killed humans before. Switching over to Yato and Yukine, they're accosted by a woman riding on a lion.


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