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A Few Godly Perspectives ( (いく) つかの (しん) (りょ) , Ikutsu Ka no Shinryo) is the 4th chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka. It was released on March 5, 2011.

Short Summary

Hiyori learns more about Yato and Yukine as beings of the Far Shore. Tenjin asks Yato to complete a job that is particularly suited to his skillset.

Extended Summary

Yukine is given a new pair of clothing to wear by Yato and afterward, they meet up with Hiyori who "treats" them to a meal at a restaurant. When the waitress stops by the table, she fails to see Yato and Yukine, until Yato speaks up. It's then disclosed to Hiyori that Human cannot normally see Gods or Spirit like them unless they focus real hard. Giving an example, there are four waitresses working at the place, but Hiyori was only able to notice two of them without looking. In a matter of speaking, Yukine and Yato are like background characters that nobody notices and only when they get recognition, will they be seen as "people". Soon, their food is served to them and the boys indulge in the copious amount of food ordered. This makes Hiyori ask Yato won't they get fat if they eat too much, however, Yato explains that they won't and further claims they don't defecate either. Hearing the last remark irks, Hiyori who does a spit take.

Outside of the restaurant, Yukine thanks Hiyori for the meal. Pleased by this courtesy, Hiyori welcomes him and asks why he became Yato's Shinki, however, Yukine doesn't know. Furthermore, Yukine has no recollection of his previous life, and Hiyori recalls when Yato made a pact with Yukine, he was crying. It's then that Yato announces they have another job and trying to teleport to their target location, Hiyori unintentionally tags along, but in her Hanyou form. There, they're surrounded and greeted by Tenjin along with his Shinki. The reason as to why Tenjin was enlisting Yato's help is because he's been inundated with requests due to it being exam season... also because Yato has nothing better to do. Much to Yato's chagrin, he accepts the job as he's paid the minimal fee. Once that is settled, Tenjin summons his newest Shinki Mayu to help, who turns out to be Tomone, Yato's former Shinki. Mayu introduces herself and notes that since aligning with Tenjin her luck has dramatically increased and that Yukine should quit being Yato's Shinki immediately.

Afterward, the group are lead to a railway track stop where Mayu discloses two suicides took place there and it's believed a ayakashi is behind it all. Yato is against progressing with the job as if the people were possessed by an evil spirit, they have no way of becoming a Shinki. Because of this, Hiyori abruptly leaves and done with the job, Yato tries to leave as well, but is stopped by Mayu who demands he refund his payment. Having a snit, Hiyori ends up in a train station where a large group of ayakashi push her in front of an incoming train. Now riding on the train, Yato sees a dour teenager with an ayakashi on his backpack standing in front of the tracks. Right when a huge arm shaped ayakashi spawns from the tracks, Yato uses Yukine to slay it.

Sometime later, Yukine awakens in her father's hospital and her parents are at her bedside as she regains consciousness. Hiyori then embraces her parents exclaiming that she doesn't want to die and reflects on her thoughts on Yato and the preciousness of life.


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