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Because I Promised ( (やく) (そく) したから Yakusoku Shitakara?) is the thirty-eighth chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka.


Yato wakes up. Overcome with emotion, he hugs Hiyori and Yukine tightly. When asking how he got back, he recalls Hiyori calling his real name. Yukine is upset that Yato would keep something that important from them, and questions if Yato doesn't trust him. Hiyori wonders if Yato can sense how hurt Yukine is from nearly losing the battle against Kugaha, seeing Kazuma, doing nothing while waiting for Yato's return and seeing Yato with the stray.

Bishamon enters the room, and this is when Yato realises he is in her home. Kuninushi arrives with the reincarnated Ebisu. Yato is shaken that his efforts to save Ebisu in Yomi were in vain and yells at them to get out. Later, he tells little Ebisu to come back in and asks him if he remembers anything, to the latter's denial. Yato decides to bring Ebisu to the Olive House, and the auntie comments that little Ebisu looks like another one of her regular customers.

Yato asks Ebisu what he knows as of now, and he says that his shinki are awaiting Heavens' judgement while Bishamon hides Iwami in her house. Yato asks what he remembers, and Ebisu says that from the moment he was born, he wanted to make people happy, saying it is a natural godly instinct. As Yato has flashbacks of his past, Ebisu continues to pepper him with questions, until he asks if he was a really bad guy, since the Heavens struck his past self down. Yato roars at that, saying Ebisu was a great guy, and that he wishes he could be like him. Hiyori and Yukine are revealed to have been secretly watching through the window.


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