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The Sound of You Calling My Name ( (きみ) () (こえ) Kimi no Yobu Koe?) is the thirty-seventh chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka.

Short Summary

Yato and Bishamon continue their struggle against Izanami, until Hiyori helps them escape from Yomi.

Extended Summary

Hiyori and Yukine speak to an unnamed goddess who appeared shortly after Ebisu's death. After they question her presence, she claims that Heaven is absolute and should never apologize or bow down to others; she goes on to explain that she is only here because she wants to be. Yukine asks Kuraha about the identity of the girl, but he does not recognize her either. At the same time, Kofuku approaches the girl, though their conversation is not revealed to the reader. Kofuku looks shocked for a moment before the girl disappears.

Yato is still being held by Izanami in Yomi. Bishamonten and her shinki prepare to fight Izanami; she and Kazuma acknowledge that they aren't expecting to defeat her, but only aim to rescue Yato. Kinuha is uneasy when she is unable to cause any damage to Izanami or even their surroundings. Yato scolds Bishamon for her choice to come help him, accusing her of devaluing her life since she would be able to reincarnate anyway. As she fights Izanami, Bishamon responds that she has no intention of reincarnating. She also reminds Yato that Hiyori and Yukine are waiting for him at the surface. Yato, with his spirit rejuvenated, desperately attempts to free himself from Izanami's hair.

Izanami injures Aiha and Bishamon's legs, and quickly wraps them all in her hair. Her hair loops around Bishamon's neck, stopping her from moving out of worry of losing her head. Izanami then pulls Chouki off of her ear, and commands the Yomotsu-shikome to feast on her.

The Stray tells Yato to stop struggling and simply wait for Father to help them escape. She tells him that Father is not a real sorcerer; he had stolen the first Word and escaped Yomi. He had been brought out of it when he heard a voice calling his name, though she does not specify who called for him.

On the surface, Kofuku explains this ability, the Soul Call. One's true name acts a tether between the Near Shore and Far Shore, so by calling their names, Hiyori would be able to safely retrieve Bishamon and Yato from Yomi. It's revealed that the unnamed goddess from earlier was the one who told Kofuku of this ability.

In Yomi, the Stray explains that since Father is a human who knows Yato's real name, he'll be able to save them. Izanami attempts to feed Yato food to imprison him there. Bishamon escapes the restraints of Izanami's hair and takes back Chouki, but she is immediately removed from the Underworld by Hiyori's Soul Call. Yato has a feeling that it was Hiyori rather than Father who did it, but fears that she and Yukine would hate him after learning his true name and identity.

On the surface, the group realizes that the name 'Yato' must be an alias, but none of them know his true name. Yukine expresses anger that he had lied to them this whole time. Hiyori then realizes that the second character in Yato's name is not the katakana ト (to), but the extremely similar-looking kanji 卜 (boku), meaning 'divination'. She calls the name 'Yaboku' instead, and successfully summons him from Yomi.

He notably returns to the surface without the Stray, who Father later summons using a Soul Call. He praises her for a job well done eliminating Ebisu.


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