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Binding Curse ( (じゅ) (ばく) Jubaku?) is the thirty-sixth chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka.

Short Synopsis

Bishamonten enters the Underworld to save Yato with the help of Kofuku and Kokki.

Long Synopsis

Hiyori, Yukine, and Bishamon look with horror upon the remnants of Ebisu after his death. Takemikazuchi holds that Heaven is justified in their execution, much to Bishamon's anger.

Hiyori and Yukine wonder how they can get to the Underworld since the entrance is sealed off. Kofuku arrives with Daikoku and tells them that she wouldn't allow them to enter on their own, since Yukine's borderlines alone wouldn't be able to protect them from the large number of Phantoms in the Underworld. She asks Yukine if he is willing to become a nora and enter the Underworld being wielded as another god's shinki. Before Yukine can answer, Bishamon volunteers to enter the Underworld to save Yato by herself. She leaves Kuraha on the Near Shore in his human form, choosing to bring on Kazuma, Aiha, and Kinuha in their vessel forms.

Kofuku, upset over Ebisu's death, opens a vent, which Bishamon promptly enters. Daikoku remarks with worry that the vent he opened is unusually weak, and wonders if Izanami is deliberately blocking all exits from the Underworld. Meanwhile, Bishamon is immediately confronted with a storm of phantoms. Kazuma is unable to navigate the terrain of the Underworld, but he advises that they follow a trail of Izanami's hair.

The scene transitions to Izanami dragging Yato to her using her hair which is wrapped around his ankle. However, she only receives Yato's bloody sandal, implying that he cut his foot to help slip it out of her grasp. Nora wraps his injured foot for him using cloth she tears off from her kimono. Yato emphasizes to her that he saved Ebisu because he wanted to, not for Father's sake. Nora is not worried about their situations because she believes that Father will retrieve them from the Underworld. Yato privately comments that Nora is strange for how she is calm in every situation, and she has never stung him; he realizes that she has certain strengths that Yukine lacks, including how he would have been too afraid of the dark had he brought Yukine to the Underworld instead. He then scolds himself for having these thoughts, since Yukine is his hafuri. He swears to himself that he would never use Hiiro or work for Father again after they escape the Underworld. Nora expresses doubt and reminds him that Father is Yato's lifeline.

Just then, they are located by Izanami. Yato attempts to run away, but stops in fear when he sees a shadow of Father's figure. Izanami uses that opportunity to grab them both with her hair. Suddenly, Kinuha in her whip form crashes through the surrounding rock, revealing that Bishamonten has arrived, declaring to Izanami that she is there to take Yato back with her.

On the surface, Kofuku and Daikoku attempt to open another vent, but it closes shortly after. Hiyori and Yukine notice a young girl who they think to be a member of the subjugation force standing behind a nearby electric pole.


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  • In the anime, Kofuku uses the spell Bore in order to create a vent so that Bishamonten and her shinki can enter the Underworld. In the manga, she requires no incantation to do so.