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Death ( () Shi?) is the thirty-fifth chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka.


Ebisu remembers when he last reincarnated, his shinki telling him to put his mind at ease about death, since he is a famous god and will always come back.

Hiyori and Yukine find the entrance to Yomi sealed, when a vent suddenly opens, which they head toward.

Yato struggles to leave Yomi, due to Izanami’s grasp, calling for Ebisu to persevere.

Another flashback shows a slightly older Ebisu studying his enshrined personas, wondering who he really is and enquiring about the word of Yomi written in his past journals.

In the present, Ebisu and Kunimi make it out of Yomi, but the heavens are already after him. However, now Yato ordered him not to die, he doesn’t want to give up. Takemikazuchi calls his shinki, revealing his identity hidden by the veil and brings lightning on the nearshore as well as against Ebisu. Bishamon appears, protecting Ebisu, who is confused why she would help him, but she declares she believes he is right. They fend off the heavenly guards' attack, but a child approaches Ebisu and explodes. Bishamon takes him in her arms. He mutters to give the word to Iwami, though she interprets it as making sure Iwami is ok. He also asks her to save Yato, still in Yomi. Bishamon assures Ebisu that he will live again, flashing back to all the people who told him the same, but Yato is also there asking if that’s really what he wants. Ebisu’s last words are, “No...I don’t want to die.”


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