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Such Were Their Desires ( () () りし (のぞ) Kaku Arishi Nozomi?) is the thirty-forth chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka.


Yukine attempts Bafuku on Kugaha, but doesn’t succeed since he no longer has this name, putting Yukine at a significant disadvantage.

Yato and The Stray continue to hold off Izanami, while an injured Ebisu and Kunimi flee. Ebisu tells Kunimi to remind him he owes Yato one for this. They reach the exit only to find it blocked.

Bishamon and shinki head to Yomi. Aiha asks if Ebisu could be behind the masks that attacked their family but Bishamon assures her that he would not do something as meaningless to disrupt the heavens.

Yukine and Kugaha continue, Kugaha explaining the reason strays are hated is because they are powerful, possessing multiple names- people fear the unknown. He taunts Yukine, suggesting Yato took Hiro because he trusted her more. A blessed vessel means nothing- he’s beat Kazuma before. Hiyori cheers Yukine on, reminding him he’s a blessed vessel and has worked hard, but Yukine cannot comprehend why Yato would take the stray. She tells him he is irreplaceable to Yato and he should believe in him. Tenjin appears and strikes Kuguha, giving him the name Saku and the vessel Shi. Despite abhorring strays, Tenjin takes him into custody as there are many things he wishes to ask. Kugaha’s expression turns to concern. Tenjin urges Yukine to find Yato. They thank him and go on their way- he tries to stop Hiyori from going though they’re already leaving.

Izanami catches Yato and Hiro. Ebisu returns from the sealed exit, offering to stay in Yato’s place, asking him to take Kunimi and give the brush to Iwami. Yato objects, but Ebisu says he will be dead soon anyway. Yato yells at Ebisu that there’s no point if he dies and not just because Father said so. Ebisu admits he doesn’t want to die but will be replaced. Yato pushes on, asking if that’s what he really wants, is there not anyone he desires to see again or something he wants to do? Ebisu thinks of the lady from the Olive House, saying he’d like to have the special there. Yato says that works for him and drags Ebisu along. He protests the exits are closed, but Yato reminds him he wants to be a crafter so he should make one. He says it’s a stupid idea, then orders a vent to open.


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