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Wielder of an Iron Will (イシ (つつ) () Ishi Tsutsui Mochi?) is the thirty-third chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka.


Hiyori makes plans to get to Yomi despite Yukine and the others warning her not to, especially with the heavens being in disarray. At home, she researches Yomotsu Hirasaka, finding it to be a tourist attraction. Her lifeline can't be cut, if she goes in her body, so she finds her savings box and goes as a human.

Yato and Ebisu continue fleeing from Izanami. Struggling to fend her off, Ebisu uses the word of Yomi to summon an ayakashi. Yato asks if Ebisu can do something since he is her son. Ebisu muses if this theory is true, then she didn’t want him, so all that’s left is to get back home.

In the heavens, Takami can no longer bear the sight of his clan-mates dying and tells High Sentinel Ōshi where Ebisu is. She torments him that everyone hates strays because they would choose their clan mates over their master. The other strays reassure him that he saved them and Ebisu will forgive him.

The Seven Gods of Fortune find out that a subjugation order has been issued against Ebisu. The sentinel confirms this is because one of his shinki confirmed his trip to Yomi, suggesting he intends to employ more ayakashi. The heavens cannot sit by now that they know he is the crafter. Benzaiten, Hotei and Fukurokuju express their disgruntlement at the heavens and Ōkuninushi won’t stand for it. The sentinel tells him the order cannot be repealed, all they can do is pray for Ebisu’s safe replacement, insisting they must stay put to preserve their innocence, but Ōkuninushi unleashes his wrath. The sentinel orders for him to be sealed since a god is powerless without shinki, but Kazuma shows up with Kuraha, putting the heavens to sleep. The gods depart to aid Ebisu.

Yato and Ebisu continue their escape, losing Tatsumi and Utami to the hand of Izanami. Ebisu insists they must get the word to his home at all costs, it has been his will for generations. Yato questions why his old will has to be his will now. Ebisu reveals he wants to use the word to restrain ayakashi and make the world a better place. Yato hopes Father isn’t using Ebisu and realises he has only been thinking about himself, while Ebisu has been going so far to save people. He reflects on his weak will, always having done what people wished of him. Now Yato wants to be someone people can accept, someone who would make Hiyori proud. Yato orders Kunimi to get Ebisu and run, while he and Nora slow down Izanami.

Hiyori is looking for Yato when she hears a bell and suddenly can’t move. Kugaha appears, announcing he was looking for Yato too. He shows his bandaged arm where Yato cut off his hand, asking if Hiyori could lend him a hand. She starts to scream for Yato, but Yukine is already there to help.


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