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She Who Invites ( (いざ) () Izanami?) is the thirty-second chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka.


To Yato’s horror, Izanami appears as Hiyori, but to Ebisu, she is the old lady from the Olive House. Realising she appears as people they care for to lure them in, Ebisu warns Yato not to expect to get what they want by playing fair. Izanami moves close to Yato and Nora has to bring Yato to his senses, warning him to stay back. Ebisu also warns them not to eat or drink anything or else they won’t be able to leave. Ebisu requests the word of Yomi so that he may employ ayakasi and become a crafter. She is saddened that his visit isn't simply to see her and reveals he is the second to come for the same reason. The first (Yato suspects father) saw her as a girl with a pock-marked face. She explains the word of Yomi is a brush that she uses to teach the ayakashi to speak so she can talk to them and have friends that won't run away. She asks Ebisu if he’ll be her friend if she gives him the word, but decides she cannot be his friend and grows angry. Yato readies himself to fight, but Hiro warns him that Izanami isn’t actually there. Bodies arise from the surrounding water. She makes an offer- she will give them the word of Yomi if one of them remains with her. Ebisu apologises and turns on Yato, saying he will be taking the word of Yomi. Yato is mad after everything he did to help.

Hiyori searches for mentions of Yato, but can't find him in any books or on the internet- bar his fashion selfie blog. She questions how he survived since there is no mention of him. She notes how Ebisu and Bishamon have multiple names, wondering if Yato has others and leaves to ask Mayu. Fujisaki is shown in the library too.

Kazuma reports the disturbance in the heavens is more than a lengthy divine council. The Ebisu estate was cornered off and Kazuma was threatened with their phalanges. Furthermore, the heavenly guard was armed, which Daikoku notes must suggest a significant threat and suspects the heavens are trying to hush something up. Kazuma reveals that Ebisu will likely be replaced again and the heavens are no longer turning a blind eye to his high turnover rate. Kazuma asks for Tsuyu’s help, but she is concerned he would harm the heavens, though he points out that the seven gods of fortune at risk- they both want to help their masters. She agrees and starts talking to the trees. Mayu explains to Yukine that Tsuyu isn’t a real shinki, but the spirit of a plum tree that long ago flew after an exiled Tenjin out of deep love. Yukine remembers how she had relayed thanks from Suzuha’s cherry tree. Tsuyu announces that the heavens have dispatched the guard to find Ebisu and his guide but he is nowhere in Takama-ga-hara or Natatsukuni. A peach tree saw him enter Yomi, and a young male deity with a girl in white garments and a ghostly crown follow. Hiyori arrives, realising Yato is with the stray.

Yato and Ebisu continue their fight. Yato notes that Hiki can barely scratch Ebisu due to his strong defensive gear, but will lose because of his dying shinki. Ebisu’s shinki beg him to remove them, but he continues to fight. After more action, Ebisu summons Nora as a gun, pointing her at Yatoks head. As it appears Ebisu has won, a masked ayakashi in the form of a bat drops the word of Yomi and Ebisu catches it. Ebisu releases Yato, only just realising that Ebisu was acting. Izanami is horrified that they won’t be her friend, it will be so lonely, now she won’t let them leave here.


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