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The Sound of Thread Snapping ( (いと) () れる (おと) Ito no Kireru Oto?) is the thirtieth chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka.


Yato is confused that Father’s request is to ‘save’ the crafter, when he is usually about destruction. Ebisu asks if Yato’s shinki is Yukine, then introduces his own, Kuni, Tatsu and Uta. Kunimi recognises Hiro as Tsutsumi, whom Ebisu named five generations ago, to Yato’s displeasure. Ebisu asks why Yato mistook him for his dad, but he stubbornly refuses to tell. This makes Ebisu more curious, though there's no time to pry, so he attempts to schedule an appointment with Yato at a restaurant he wanted to try. Yato gets frustrated and explains he came to rescue him, but Ebisu says he won’t leave, as he’s not a perfect crafter yet. Yato wonders how far his Old man’s influence goes, since keeping strays and using ayakashi are taboo, first Kugaha, now Ebisu. Yato asks why he’d want to be a crafter. Ebisu says he thought it could be interesting, he fell in love with the idea of giving an ayakashi a name like a shinki. He wanted to gain power and had an eternity to do it. Initially, it was difficult and got stung, but there was no point in only being able to employ a few ayakashi. Yato wonders if Ebisu is in league with his dad and how much the stray knows, so he goes with Ebisu, who reveals he needs the 'word of Yomi'. Yato doesn’t care what it is, he just wants to get home.

Kazuma sneaks up on Yukine while studying, but he casts a borderline before more pen can be drawn on him. They consume the refreshments Kazuma brought and discuss the divine council- it’s taking a while and Yato wasn't there. Kazuma notes how Yukine is maturing, not acting rashly out of concern for his master’s health. They decide to practice bafuku, starting with catching Kuraha.

Hiyori and friends introduce themselves to their dates at Capyper land, Hiyori still suffering from her reputation as the ‘stormy schoolgirl’. Yama spots some Hyakki Yako merch, which her and Abe bond over, and Ami explains to Seki what’s going on. Fujisaki apologises to Hiyori for making her waste her day off. She says not to worry and he admits he only came for her so they should have fun now. They go on rides and Fujisaki reveals he ran away to live with his dad in the city when his sister moved back home with her kids. Hiyori says she has a brother, but he's still single. Fujisaki asks if he’s like her as the ‘stormy schoolgirl’, which she insists was not her again. Fujisaki and Hiyori get a photo together with Capypa since it’s their first visit. Hiyori buys three Capyper key rings to avoid a fight. Fujisaki asks if she’s buying them for family to which she replies she’s already bought them souvenirs, but can’t remember who’s she’s buying them for and what doesn't feel right.

Okuninushi asks how long the seven gods of fortune will be kept locked up, to which the High Sentinel Ōshi says until they finish searching Ebisu’s estate. They may leave if they wish but that would lead to the conclusion that they are conspiring with Ebisu. The report comes back: a large number of masks were found at Ebisu’s estate, and it appears he has been keeping a fair number of puppets. Most of his shinki were also strays, but Iwami and Ebisu were not on the premises. A lookout issue is ordered for them.

Hiyori wonders why her chest hurts, why there's someone she wanted to take a picture with and buy a gift for. She questions this person's existence but feels she wanted to be with him longer. Fujisaki takes her hand and kisses her.


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