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Like Snow ( (ゆき) のような, Yuki no Yōna) is the 3rd chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka. It was released on February 5, 2011.

Short Summary

In order to get her body fixed, Hiyori goes off to search for someone who is willing to become Yato's now Blessed Vessel. Unfortunately she doesn't know the difference between ayakashi and actual dead people, which lands the pair in front of an ayakashi trying to eat them. As they run away, Yato comes across the soul of a dead teen aged boy and turns him into his Blessed Vessel, bestowing him with the name Yukine, named Sekki as a Regalia, who takes on the form of a guard-less Katana. With his new weapon Yato easily defeats the ayakashi, though being a teenager Yukine turns out to be troublesome.

Extended Summary

An inner monologue of Hiyori details how she adjusts to her new lifestyle as a Hanyou, while going about her day. She notes that while being a Hanyou is troublesome due to the constant fainting which is preserved as blackouts, Hiyori finds a bit of pleasure in her spiritual form. Eventually, Hiyori contacts Yato about curing her condition and the God appears before her. Yato scolds her for pushing her and gives her a warning about steering clear of ayakashi as they could harm and devour her soul. To that warning, Hiyori gives a curt remark demanding Yato cure her condition, however, he's unable due to not being in his top form and locate Shinki. When asked what a Shinki is, Yato details they're the spirits of humans who became weapons. Although intrigued by this revelation, Yato gets a call for another job and leaves Hiyori in the dust. Recounting her boxing idol's catchphrase, Hiyori decides to search for a Shinki on her own.

Meanwhile, Yato takes care of a job changing a seal on a faucet and due to the great job he did, his employer tips him with a couple of beers. As the sky gets dark, Yato sits by a temple and enjoys the beers while wondering what happened to Hiyori. At that moment, Hiyori contacts him to tell him that she found a Shinki. However, what she finds is a ayakashi and the two of them flee from it until Hiyori separates from her living body. The ayakashi then grabs Hiyori with its tongue, but Yato rescues her and in the process gets biten by the monstrosity.

Far away from the ayakashi, Hiyori notices a mark on Yato's hand and he details that it's blight. Yato goes onto explain how its infectious, furthermore he explains that her "tail" is a lifeline that connects to her body. The ayakashi then appears before them and the two flee the scene with the ayakashi hot on their tails. Initially believing a spirit to be a snowflake it turns out to be a spirit. Wasting no effort, Yato makes a contract with it and names it Yukine. Now wielding a weapon, Yato slays the ayakashi with a single stroke.

Afterward, Yato uses some purified water at a shrine to purify the blight he contracted and Hiyori soon regroups with him after she manages to retrieve her body. Admiring Yato's new weapon whom he named Yukine, the weapon transforms into a human to Hiyori's surprise. Because Yukine was cold, Yato offers his coat, but Yukine rejects it and takes Hiyori's instead. This prompts Yato to chastise Yukine whose retort hits a sensitive spot for him.


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