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God of Calamity ( (まが) () (かみ) , Magatsukami) is the 28th chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka. It was released on March 6, 2013.

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Extended Summary

Yato wakes from a dream about the masks attacking him. He says his "free time" is over and that the Old Man will make him work with the stray again. Yato gets angry that he’s under house arrest though he will also be taken care of here. He ponders that he prefers to work with Yukine and someone actually acknowledged him- Hiyori even made him a shrine- but dad wouldn’t approve of these things and would take his shrine away if he’d brought it with him, which is also the reason he sent the masks after him. He feels bad for making Hiro a stray and questions how much longer he will have to do stuff for Father. The image of Hiro and Father (no face shown) tease him “Do you think Hiyori and Yukine can really love you?”

Hiyori asks Daikoku if Yato’s been home but Kofuku says he’s always had a habit of disappearing, with Shinki trying to find him. Hiyori is convinced that an ‘attention hog’ like Yato wouldn’t disappear, so asks around for him. Yukine has been working hard with Kazuma again and has pen all over his face from losing- he suggests Yato might be with the stray again, but Yukine’s hard work makes Hiyori question what Yato is doing. She asks Tenjin who says she should be spending more time on the near shore. Hiyori missed her chance to join a club since she kept going to Kofuku’s house after school. She reminisces about times with Yato and Yukine before being interrupted by Yama, who wants her to get a senpai’s name, and his number and email if possible. To Yama’s shock, Hiyori asks him directly, discovering he’s a third-year, Fujisaki Kouto. He knows her as the’ stormy schoolgirl’ from when Yato possessed her and displays interest in her, but she makes it clear that that was a nonsense thing she is only asking for a friend.

Ebisu is healing after one of his puppets stung him because his compatibility with Ryoki is less than ideal. Okuninushi and Bishamonten visit, but Iwami apologises and asks them to leave so he may rest. As they exit, Okuninushi and Bishamon discuss their concerns about Ebisu’s constant replacement. Iwami is an experienced guide, but Ebisu dies regularly. They're also disturbed by his shinki's similar appearances, so you can’t tell what they’re thinking. Are they really looking out for him? When they are gone, Ebisu insists that if any of the other gods come they must leave and that if he wants to make his puppets perfect, he must go to Yomi.

Yato and Hiro continue to work murdering people at clients’ request. They kill a man at his mother’s wish, who killed his wife and take the client’s grandson somewhere safe. Hiro insists they are making people happier. Yato compromises that he’ll be set free if he works a little longer, then worries Hiyori will forget him and tries to escape, but the masks stop him, as only shinki can kill them. Father provides purifying water to heal Yato from the masks and says he can leave after one more job, for which they must go to Yomi.


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