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Her Memories ( (かの) (じょ) (おも) () , Kanojo no Omoide) is the 14th chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka. It was released on January 6, 2012.

Short Summary

Kazuma and Kugaha have different perspectives on how to handle Bishamon's blight. Yukine makes a new friend, Suzuha, and worries about being forgotten by Hiyori.

Extended Summary

The chapter opens with Kazuma advising Bishamon to talk to her shinki instead of turning to medicine to help her blight. Kazuma then confronts Kugaha to tell him the same thing; however, Kugaha says that Kazuma's instincts in this situation are wrong.

The scene transitions to Hiyori, who is recalling how Yato had recently attempted to cut ties with her. Despite blocking her phone calls and avoiding her in person, he still constantly replies to her on Twitter. She is interrupted from her thoughts by Manabu, who says that he is basically ignored at school now (but is glad the bullying stopped). However, he wrongly remembers the situation as Hiyori giving him the box cutter and telling him the things that Yato actually told him. Due to the reminder that it is difficult for them to remain in the memories of humans, Hiyori becomes concerned that she may forget him and Yukine one day too.

Yukine meets Suzuha by his cherry blossom tree. He comically tries to run away when he finds out Suzuha is Bishamon's shinki, but stays since Suzuha doesn't know who Yato is, and the two are able to become friends regardless. Yukine complains about how he is treated living with Yato, since Yato makes him work and then steals his money in the end. Suzuha thinks that they seem close, and that being Bishamon's shinki can be quite lonely since she doesn't call his name.

Suzuha shows Yukine his healing sakura tree and explains the carving on the trunk, which says two names and a date. He made friends with a human girl named Tomoko, who visited the area in the summers. Every time she returned, she would have already forgotten Suzuha. After the two of them carved a promise to meet again into the tree, she never returned.

Yukine and Yato separately return to Kofuku and Daikoku's house, and Yato asks him to explain the pain in his chest he'd been feeling all day. Yukine expresses how important Hiyori has become to him as a friend, and his sadness that eventually she'd grow up and her life would diverge from theirs. He then begins to tell Yato that he made a friend.

Meanwhile, Kugaha meets Suzuha at his cherry blossom tree. Kugaha taunts him, emphasizing that Suzuha has been alone for many, many years already, and that he hardly has any connection with Bishamon despite being her shinki. He tells him that his existence is meaningless, and Suzuha begins to cry. A panel shows masked ayakashi standing nearby, and then Bishamon abruptly wakes up from sleep, knowing that a name as disappeared. She looks out the window and sees a crying Aiha, who apologizes and runs away.

The scene transitions back to Kugaha talking to the Stray. He says that Bishamon is meant to be a malevolent god, but her current self brings dishonor to her own name. He intends to force Bishamon to accept his beliefs. It is implied that he wants Bishamon to reincarnate.


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