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Signs ( (きざ) し, Kizashi) is the 13th chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka. It was released on December 6, 2011.

Short Summary

Thanks to the Stray and Kugaha, word of Kazuma's part in Yukine's Ablution reaches Bishamonten. Hiyori continues tutoring Yukine. Bishamon takes in a new shinki after meeting with Kofuku.

Extended Summary

The chapter opens with Yato holding the mask they previous chapter, while considering Tenjin's advice about cutting ties with Hiyori.

The scene then transitions to a Near Shore forest where Kugaha is gathering tree sap. The Stray arrives, and Kugaha mentions that he had gone to take a look at Yato. He praises his and Yukine's teamwork as master and shinki. They then begin talking about Kazuma, who has been leaving Bishamonten's grounds in Takamagahara without permission. According to Kugaha, Bishamon and Kazuma's relationship is currently quite stormy. The Stray tells Kugaha that she saw Kazuma somewhere on the Near Shore on "that day". Kugaha smiles as she reveals this information to him.

The scene changes to Kazuma giving a report to Bishamon. She interrupts him to ask if there's anything he'd discuss with her now that they're alone. Kazuma responds by saying that Bishamon should pay more attention to individual shinki, and brings up Aiha as an example. Bishamon brings up how Kazuma has been going out at night, but he tells her not to change the subject. He intends to remind her of what happened to the Ma clan, but Bishamon says that it will never happen again. She wonders out loud if there's something wrong with her, and whether what happened is her fault– however, she again directs the blame at Yato.

Hiyori helps Yukine study at Kofuku and Daikoku's house. Hiyori realizes that his academic ability is about that of a second-year middle school student, making him one year younger than her. She grows flustered about having shared a bed with him in the past.

Bishamon suddenly arrives at the shop, causing Hiyori and Yukine to immediately hide underneath the kotatsu. Bishamon explains that she wants to ask for a favor, but Kofuku interrupts by welcoming her with a hug. She asks why Bishamon is carrying so many weapons (shinki) with her; Bishamon admits that doing so was rude of her, and have Kazuma, Kuraha, Tsuguha, Akiha, and Kinuha revert to their human forms. Daikoku is shocked when she sees Kazuma (who is visibly nervous at being found out), but they are able to keep their affiliation a secret. Bishamon then asks for Kofuku to make a prediction of where vents will open up in the future– a request which Kofuku obliges– so they can try to forestall their appearance.

When asked, Kofuku blatantly reveals that she and Yato are still good friends; however, she emphasizes that her relationship with Yato has absolutely nothing to do with Bishamon's feelings of hatred toward him. She threatens Bishamon that she should expect a lot of gloom if something were to happen to Yato because of her. After Bishamon leaves, Daikoku, Hiyori, and Yukine all praise her for standing up to Bishamon even while she had all her strong shinki her. Kofuku expalins that Bishamon herself is more problematic than her shinki.

Meanwhile, Tsuguha wonders if it was okay to let Kofuku talk to Bishamon that way. However, the rest of the group agrees that they shouldn't take a threat from Kofuku lightly. They brainstorm about how they can target Yato while avoiding Kofuku. They are interrupted when Bishamon sees a loose spirit being attacked by ayakashi. Kazuma tries to prevent her from taking another shinki, since the current Ha clan is already very strenuous on her body, but Bishamon is adamant that she should save this person. She commands Kuraha to take care of the ayakashi while she retrieve the spirit using Kinuha. She cuts the eyes out of the spirit's back using Kazuma's guidance and Akiha as the scalpel, and then names the spirit Mineha. Mineha takes the form of a hand mirror; since she was corrupted by ayakashi in her human form, the mirror is cracked. They then welcome Mineha into their home in Takamagahara.

Later that night, Yato confronts the Stray about the mask, and asks what "they" (the Stray and an unnamed person) are plotting. The Stray responds that they are plotting "trouble". She speaks about how many humans emotions are experienced after a person dies. She also mentions that torn bonds can't be fixed, and that Yato will be the one to cut those bonds.


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Adaptation Notes

  • In the anime, the scene where Bishamon and her shinki ask Kofuku for vent predictions occurred in episode 8. This is before Yukine's ablution, rather than after (as it was an in the manga).