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A Name ( () (まえ) , Namae) is the 11th chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka. It was released on October 6, 2011.

Short Summary

Hiyori are able to find Daikoku two other shinki to carry out Yukine's ablution. However, Yukine has trouble confessing to his wrongdoings.

Extended Summary

At Hiyori's pleading, Daikoku allows only her to cross the borderline he drew. Kofuku provides her with water from a natural spring to cleanse her blight, and clarifies that Yato's blight can't be removed unless Yukine is punished. While Hiyori cleanses herself, Daikoku leaves to visit shrines in the area and bow to their gods, asking to be lent shinki for a purification ritual. He first visits Tenjin, and Mayu agrees to partake in the ritual, feeling sympathetic as Yato was her former master. Tenjin's other shinki warn her to be careful, since she could be eaten by the phantom (Yukine) should the ritual fail. After Daikoku and Mayu leave, Tenjin worries that the god could still die regardless of whether the shinki is successfully purified, and hopes that Yato will Yukine before it comes to that.

Hiyori overhears Kofuku on the phone, distraught that Daikoku and Mayu haven't been able to find a third shinki. Hiyori then drops out her body to search for another shinki. She first thinks of The Stray, but doesn't trust her not to kill Yukine. She decides to ask Kazuma instead, and calls out for him at Bishamon's shrine.

Unable to find a third shinki for the ritual, Mayu tells Daikoku and Kofuku that she plans to return to Tenjin's shrine to beg her fellow shinki to help them. However, Kazuma and Hiyori arrive before she does. When Kazuma sees the great extent of the blight affecting him, he tells Yato to throw away Yukine's name and excommunicate him; however, Yato immediately refuses. Kazuma asks what Yukine did, and when he says he didn't do anything, Daikoku tells him to take off his shirt. This reveals blight and phantom-like eyeballs covering his back.

The three of them then begin the purification ritual. Hiyori watches, shocked and fearful when she sees that Yukine is in pain. Daikoku tells Yukine to confess; when Yukine aggressively refuses, he sprouts wings, furthering his transformation into a phantom. In response, the three shinki tighten the borderlines, seeming to increase Yukine's anguish. Yukine admits to stealing coins, but defends his actions, saying that it's unfair that living people get to have things such as family, friends, and a future, while he has nothing. He goes as far as to say that it'd be better if everyone was dead like him, and his transformation progresses to the point that Kazuma panics and tells Daikoku to transform into Kokki and kill Yukine. Daikoku refuses, saying that Kokki would only cause more problems in this situation.

Meanwhile, Yato focuses on Yukine's fading name, and worries that he'll lose him if he doesn't say something to help. Instead, Hiyori steps in. She tells Yukine that Yato had spoken about him like a father would a son, and reminds him how much Yato had endured for his sake. She threatens that they won't continue being his friend if he keeps treating Yato this way. Yukine seems to calm down somewhat, then begins to cry and apologize after Yato tells him to live as a human. Yukine apologizes for stinging Yato, stealing Hiyori's money, trying to grope Hiyori while she was sleeping, smashing the windows at the school, shoplifting, and swindling an old man. The purification ritual continues painstakingly until morning.

The next day, Yato explains to Kazuma that Sekki has amazing talent, so he didn't want to do away with him. He also privately admits to himself that he relates to Yukine's struggles with his father. He apologizes to Kazuma, Daikoku, and Mayu for the trouble, and thanks them for their efforts. He and Yukine also bow their heads and apologize to Hiyori. Hiyori tears up and hugs both of them.

The chapter ends by showing Bishamon in the bath, thinking that she hasn't seen Kazuma around that day.


Character Debuts

No new characters debuted in this chapter.

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