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A Springtime Flurry of Snow ( (はる) () (ゆき) , Haru ni Mau Yuki) is the 100th chapter of the manga series ノラガミ Noragami by Adachitoka. The first part was slated to be released on May 6, 2022; however, the update was postponed, and the full chapter was released on June 6, 2022.[1]

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Extended Summary

The chapter opens with Yuka and Hiyori. While Yuka cries, apologizing to Haruki and wishing she could see him one more time, Hiyori notices Yato's scent and looks up in surprise.

Meanwhile, Yato holds a devastated Yukine, who tearfully says that he is dead and no longer exists. Kazuma, still in vessel form, as Yato if Yukine is going to be okay. In response, Yato reverts Kazuma to human form and asks to be left alone with Yukine for a little while. Kazuma tells them to take their time talking and steps away from the conversation.

When Yato asks if Yukine has seen everything, Yukine describes seeing a refrigerator that was completely empty, missing even his letters. He asks if Yato buried him, and where. Yato responds that he had read all of Yukine's letters and buried his body with them somewhere warm with beautiful scenery: on the hill overlooking the house that Yukine had wanted to go to. Yato goes on to explain that once spring came, the cherry blossom tree would bloom, and the sight of it would remind Yuka of Haruki ( (はる) () , Haruki, means "spring tree").

Yukine closes his eyes, and Yato off-screen, Yato wraps him in his Divine Cloak. He summons Rekki, who asks if Yukine will be alright being left by himself. Yato reasons that even if Yukine let himself be summoned, it would be a better idea to let him take time to rest instead of letting him come into contact with Father again.

Privately, Yato considers Yukine's condition: his name of "Yuki" is cracked, meaning that he has been afflicted by the God's Greatest Secret. He scolds himself for going so far as to tell Yukine about his grave, even while knowing what happened to Sakura after he revealed her true name to her. He wonders why Yukine didn't immediately transform into a Karma ayakashi, like Sakura did, and whether it's still possible that it'll happen in the future.

Kazuma interrupts his thoughts to mention that Yukine had been acting strangely, and wonders why Yukine suddenly cares that he's dead. Yato doesn't reply, but mentally compares his two shinki's conditions: while Kazuma only conceptually knows that he's dead, Yukine has come to fully understand what it means to be dead. Kazuma interrupts his thoughts again to remark that he's glad that Yukine was able to return to Yato safely, and says that he wants to see Bishamon again despite having come here intending to die. Yato smiles, saying they need to win against Father to achieve that, and Kazuma agrees.

Meanwhile, Father notices that Hagusa's Goodness Net is disappearing. He tries summoning Yuuki, but he doesn't respond. He calls Hagusa useless for not striking down Amaterasu back when he had the chance,[2] and a traitor for abandoning his goal to seek revenge on his father. He goes on to say that forgiveness is an excuse for losers, and that he'll drag Hagusa back and discipline him.



Character Debuts

No new characters debuted in this chapter.

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