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Capypa are a type of mascot popular within the Noragami universe, especially with children. They seem to be based off of real Capybara rodents.

Physical Appearance

The Capypa are large rodent like creatures with yellow skin. they have long oval like faces with two black eyes with no irises and a snout similar to a dog's and a small mouth. They wear red overalls and large white mitts. Their appearance seems to be based off a mix of Mickey Mouse and real Capypara rodents.


Not much is known about the Capypa franchise other than that it seems to be aimed towards families and children. It is based off of Mickey Mouse. According to the franchise in chapter 41, the ancestors of Capypa lived far away on a little island long ago until a plague killed many and the remaining survivors were led by a special Capypa to a land with food and warmth and where happiness abound, setting up Capypaland.

General Info

The Capypa franchise is similar to the Walt Disney Franchise in that they have their own amusement park called Capypaland complete with Capypa merchandise and souvenirs. Yato is known to be a big fan of Capypa to the point where he believes them to be actual mystical creatures.


The mascot was first mentioned in Chapter 4 where Yato gives Yukine a Capypa jacket but Yukine rejects it. It is mentioned in Chapter 29 when Hiyori's friend wants to go there with Hiyori, their other friend, and three guys so she can hook up with Fujisaki, though she ends up dating someone else. They go to Capypaland in Chapter 30 where Hiyori begins to forget Yato and Yukine and Fujisaki kisses her while they watch the light parade. Hiyori goes again in Chapter 41 when Yato wants to cheer her up. Merchandise can be seen in Chapter 42. It is mentioned again in chapter 46 when Fujisaki/Father teases Yato about going to Capypaland with Hiyori and kissing her.


Capypaland is an amusement park centered around the mascot. It is very similar to Walt Disneyland as it is known as the land of dreams and many families are shown visiting it, though teens and older people seem to enjoy going there as well. There seem to be numerous concession stands, rides, and souvenir stands. They even have their own light parade, very similar to Disneyland's.


Some of their merchandise includes snow globes, headbands with ears attached, lunchboxes, alarm clocks, clothes, undergarments, costumes, stuffed animals, key chains, balloons, mugs, purses, etc.

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