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Bore is an anime-only spell that allows the caster to open a vent, a direct connection between the Near Shore and the Underworld. Doing so allows phantoms, shinki, humans, or gods to pass through. In the manga, Kofuku performs this action without ever using this incantation.

Kofuku's bad luck usually causes a vent opening to escalate into a "storm," a large gathering of phantoms which is considered very dangerous. For this reason, Daikoku shows resistance to being used for this spell and Kofuku avoids it unless she considers the situation dire.

Casting Sequence

Structurally and visually, the incantation and casting sequence are quite similar to Rend, another anime-only spell.

(Original text in Japanese)

(Romaji transcription)

O band of fiends treading upon sacred land! With the [Kokki], I pierce you! Bore!
(Official English dub)

After reciting the incantation, Kofuku lowers Kokki so that it points to or touches the spot where she wishes to open a vent.


Bore has only been used by Kofuku wielding Kokki. It is possible that the spell is unique to this duo.

This ability is first used when Hiyori requests that Kofuku protect Yato from Bishamon. However, the casting sequence is not performed in this instance.[1]

Kofuku uses Kokki in order to kill a cockroach, accidentally opening a vent in the process. This usage also did not require the incantation.[2]

Kofuku opens a vent for Bishamon and her shinki to rescue Yato from the Underworld.[3] This is the first time the incantation is used, but it is not repeated on each usage of the ability; later in the episode, she performs the spell simply by saying "Bore!" and pointing the fan to the ground. Notably, on this second attempt, Kofuku deliberately arranges Kokki so that two of the ribs are fanned open. This may be meant to imply that opening the fan further creates a larger or longer-lasting vent, since she did this in response to Izanami sealing off exits from the Underworld. Interestingly, this is the only time in the anime where she did not perform this spell with the fan completely spread, suggesting that this detail regarding Kokki's abilities was not included in the spell's original conception.


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