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Benzaiten (弁財天, Benzaiten?) is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune. She is officially the goddess of knowledge, beauty, and art (especially music).


Benzaiten is a woman who seems to be in her early twenties. She has yellow-brown eyes and maroon-colored hair, which is worn in a high bun with a black, flower-shaped cloth holding it in place. She is also seen wearing ball-shaped earrings and two pieces of jewelry in her hair, and has a tattoo of a music note underneath her left collarbone. In the anime, she is seen wearing a low-cut, floor-length black dress. (In the manga, the skirt of the dress is white instead of black.) Over this, she wears what seems to be an open kosode, with purple lace underneath the collar, and a dark purple sash tied in a bow over a thigh-length maroon skirt. She wears a long, pale-purple scarf over her shoulders (part of which floats above her head).


Benzaiten appears to have a cheerful personality. She is kind toward shinki, as she has broadly expressed sympathy toward vessels who have been killed or used to kill others. She is also capable of being strict with others and values reputation, shown when she scolded Hotei for spending his money carelessly and putting the Gods of Fortune's image at risk.


Little is known of Benzaiten's abilities, outside of her popularity as one of the Gods of Fortune.


  • 紫 Murasaki (family name unknown). As a human, Murasaki is an elderly woman. As a vessel, she appears to take the form of an undecorated hagoita.

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