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Bakufu ( (ばく) () , Bakufu, lit. "binding cloth") is a shinki spell that renders the target immobile. It has been shown to work on both shinki and humans.

Casting Sequence

To cast Bakufu, the user extends their index and middle fingers into a spear shape and points toward the target. Before or while doing so, they must state the target's name, followed by the title of the spell.


  • Similar to borderlines, Bakufu can become ineffective depending on the mental state of the user and their power dynamics with the target.[1]
  • The wielder must know the target's name(s) in order for it to take effect.[1]
  • It is implied that if the target is a nora, then the user must recite all of the target's names[2] - saying only one name causes Bakufu to fail.[3]
  • Either the caster[1] or a third party[4] can release the spell by saying the target's name.


  • It is first used by Kazuma to stop Hiyori from fleeing.[5]
  • Nora uses it on Kuraha to help Yato, though this occurs in the anime only.[6]
  • Kazuma uses it on Aiha and Kugaha, although the latter case fails since he is unaware that Kugaha is a nora.[3]
  • Kazuma uses it on Yukine while training,[1] but eventually Yukine is able to block it using a borderline.[7]
  • Off-screen, Yukine practices the spell on Kuraha, only succeeding after imagining him as a small cat rather than a lion.[8]
  • Kugaha uses it on Hiyori.[4][9]
  • Yukine attempts to use it on Kugaha, but fails since he does not know Kugaha's current name, Edachi.[10][9]
  • In the manga, High Sentinel Ōshi attempts to use Bakufu on Kazuma, but fails since he does not consider himself subordinate to her.[4] In the anime, Kazuma successfully uses it on Ōshi, then releases her moments later.[9]


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