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Ayu (歩喩) is one of Tenjin's current shinki. She's part of a group of four female shinki who present themselves as "The Tenjin Sisters" (now consisting of only three members).


Ayu is, like most of Tenjin's shinki, a young woman. She has long, straight auburn hair tied in a high ponytail, with some short locks resting on her forehead and two thin long ones on both sides of her face. Her eyes are a shade of dark blue similar to indigo.

Ayu is dressed in a white kimono with a red hakama over it - the common set of clothing for shrine maidens worn by Tenjin's other female shinki, as well as Tsuyu.


Ayu first introduces herself when Yato and Yukine, along with Hiyori, come to accept Tenjin's request to eliminate a phantom that has settled in a certain railroad crossing.[1]

Sometime later, when Daikoku visits various shrines to find a shinki who would agree to take part in Yukine's purification ceremony, Ayu is once again seen along with the other "Tenjin Sisters", expressing unease over the possible consequences of a failed ceremony.[2]

After Miyu blights Tenjin for cutting her wrist, Ayu takes part in performing a purification ceremony on her before her banishment.[3]


  • The character used for Ayu's true name, 歩 (chosen reading unknown), means "a step" or "to walk".
    • The character added for her given name, 喩 yu, means "metaphor".
  • As a vessel, Ayu/Hoki takes the form of a wooden box of purification salt. The front of the box has a flower symbol, much like that which Tsuyu has on her forehead, but with the addition of a sixth circle in the center. Tenjin sometimes travels the country to scatter her salt on the houses of school children.[4]

Ayu's vessel form.