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Arrest ( (こう) , Kou, lit. "arrest, seize") is an ancient curse used to snare rebels. In addition to constricting the target's movements, Arrest is also capable of harming them. Ensaring Bishamonten leaves her body covered in cuts, and numerous gods are injured when she forcibly breaks free of it.[1]

Notably, Arrest has only been shown being used on and by gods, and it is unknown whether shinki are also capable of performing it. It may require at least two gods on opposing sides of the target in order to perform it.[1]

Casting Sequence

To perform Arrest, the users fold all their fingers except their thumb, index, and middle digits. At least one user then recites an incantation as all participants hold their folded hand in front of their mouth. As they do so, fine threads gather around their hand. These threads then expand into a net-like grid and constrict around the target, holding them in place.

唱えて関す / 女蘿(*)もといて、蒙いからめ砕き、/ 一網(**)のもと腑伏し黙すべし / 拘!
(Original text in Japanese)

Tonaete kansu / Jora(*) motoite, ooi karame hiki / Ichimou(**) no moto hi shi mokusubeshi / Kou!
(Romaji transcription)

We engage thee with song / Shrouded in a veil(*) of ignorance, choked in a tangle of weeds / Thou shalt bow silent before the all-encompassing web(**) / Arrest!
(Official English translation)

The official translation takes some liberties in order to convey the double meanings within this incantation.

  • (*) (じょ) () Jora (lit. "woman ivy") is actually the Chinese name for a plant called "old man's beard". Using different kanji, this pronunciation can be taken to mean "feminine robe" (e.g. a veil) or can refer to sitting cross-legged (which emphasizes the feeling of entaglement associated with the technique).[2]
  • (**) (いち) (もう) Ichimou (lit. "single net") can also mean "single hope," "single hair," (resembling the fine threads which the technique utilizes) or "view of everything".[2]


  • Shinatsuhiko, Sakuya-bime, and several unnamed gods jointly use Arrest in an attempt to subjugate Bishamon.[1] However, she is able to break out of their hold.


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