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What Must be Done (為すべきこと, Nasubeki Koto) is the sixth episode of Noragami Aragoto. It first aired on November 6, 2015.


As Bishamonten mourns the loss of several of her Shinki, Yato calls Kugaha out. Kuguha claims what he did was for Bishamonten's sake as she was no longer the God of War she was supposed to be and started naming several "junk" Shinki while pretending to have a big family while hiding under smiles and how she brought everything including the death of her Shinki on herself and that no one would follow her. Yato, annoyed with his words, chops off his hand, prompting Kuguha to back off. Angered by the loss of his hand, he sends an Ayakashi to attack Yato, all the while taunting Yato as useless and a worthless God of Calamity. Yato is not affected and dispatches the Ayakashi, and proceeds to kill Kuguha. However, Bishamonten gets in between them. She talks to Kuguha about his feelings and if he felt what he did was right. He says he did everything for her sake and is not lying, as Bishamonten wasn't stung. Bishamonten says it may very be well her fault and looks back to when she first named Kuguha before finally releasing his name and sending him to the nearshore. Bishamonten then proceeds to kill all the Ayakashi Kuguha sent around her palace. Yato decides to kill the Ayakashi as well, but Hiyori says they should go home. Bishamonten finds her remaining Shinki in a well cornered by an Ayakashi and summons one of her Shinki, a rusty swordstick, to help her kill the Ayakashi. Kazuma thinks back to the past and how he has made the mistake twice. He awakens and asks Bishamonten to release him as her exemplar as he has failed her twice, but she tells him it is alright to make mistakes since he is a human and she still wants him by her side and releases him of exile.


Adaptation Notes

It skipped the chapter that introduced Kazuma's master Touma who taught him how to draw a borderline along with how she was murdered and the resentment Kazuma received from the previous exemplar. All these details were from chapter 23.