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Wish ( (ねがい) , Negai) is the 4th episode of Noragami Aragoto. It first aired on October 23, 2015.


Kugaha has kidnapped both Hiyori and Kazuma and placed them in a sacred imprisonment, preventing either of them from leaving. Yato has taken Hiyori's body to her family's hospital, where they pray to God to help Hiyori recover. Yato clearly angered, goes to Kofuku's house where he alerts Yukine to what has occurred. Yukine initially blames himself for not being there with Yato during the kidnapping, but then snaps out of it when Yato decides to go to save Hiyori by confronting Bishamonten, who he thinks took her because of Kuguha.

Daikoku tries to stop them to no avail. Kofuku tells Daikoku to bet on Yato while she bets on Bishamonten as she believes that by betting on Bishamonten, the goddess of poverty can assure Yato's victory. She doesn't want to help by stopping Yato, because she knows if she does it would only cause bad luck and possibly thousands of people to die.

Yato and Yukine storm Bishamonten's palace and engage in battle with Bishamonten.

Meanwhile, Kazuma and Hiyori try to escape their imprisonment to no avail. Kazuma then reveals to Hiyori that he was the one to beg Yato to kill the "ma" clan because of corruption within the clan. One day, one of the Shinki blighted Bishamonten, but they could not find the culprit, causing her condition to worsen. The Shinki began to fight over who blighted her, attacking and killing each other as a result. Kazuma, wanting to save Bishamonten, had heard of a God of Calamity and runs to Yato, begging him to kill his clan. Yato, moved by Kazuma's devotion, uses Hiki (Nora) to kill all of Bishamonten's Shinki.

During the battle, three of her Shinki put a barrier around him, separating him from Yukine and leaving him vulnerable to attacks. Yukine, however, steps in to block Bishamonten's attack, being sliced in half in the price.


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