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False Bond (イツワリノ絆, Itsuwari no Kizuna) is the third episode of Noragami Aragoto. It first aired on October 16, 2015.


Aiha bliting Bishamon

It is revealed Aiha is the one who blighted Bishamonten previously and she was given medicine by Kuguha to hide it. She says it came back and that it comes from her jealousy of Tsuguha who now acts as Bishamonten's foremost clothing when Aiha used to hold that position and how she just wants to be loved by Bishamonten.

Yato caught spying on Hiyori

Kuguha offers to help heal her blight so no one finds out. Later, Yato spies on Hiyori to ensure her safety, but she tells him not to since she will visit every day and promises not to forget him, causing him to ask how much of what she says is true. Kazuma speaks to Kuguha who reveals Bishamonenten is not feeling well because Suzuha died, causing Kazuma to doubt his ability as her exemplar since he didn't take notice of Suzuha's death. Tsuguha later tells Bishamonten he saw Suzuha and Yukine together, shocking her. Yato suggests Yukine stop going to see Suzuha all together. Yukine refuses and distracts Yato with a snack while Yukine goes to meet his friend. Instead, he sees Kazuma and some flowers and questions him on what has happened. As Kazuma leaves, Yukine grabs onto him, inadvertently going to Bishamonten's palace. There Bishamonten sees Kazuma conversing with Yukine. Yukine begs Bishamonten to tell him what happened to Suzuha and Kazuma reveals he was killed by Ayakashi. Yukine then calls Bishamonten a failure as a God since she couldn't protect her own Shinki and living as her Shinki must be hell. This causes her children Shinki to cry, blighting her as a result. She proceeds to ask Kazuma if what she heard was true about Kazuma helping Yato with his ablution, saving him. She shoots Yukine and Kazuma draws a borderline against her, protecting Yukine. In a fit of rage, Bishamonten exiles him. While Kuguha watches from above, he is delighted things are going according to plan, even if Kazuma wasn't revoked.

Aiha ambushing Yato and Hiyori

Everyone is depressed about Kazuma's exile and while Tsuguha tries to cheer them up saying he only navigated, it is revealed he was their backbone as he controlled their output, what got killed and not killed, and directed their movements and without him, their powers are uncontrollable and unpredictable. Kazuma finds a safe haven with Kofuku and Daikoku. They talk about how Suzuha was murdered and Yato implies someone from the outside murdered him. He walks Hiyori home and the two are ambushed by Aiha using a stick imbued with dark magic, but Yato easily overpowers her. While he is distracted, Kuguha kidnaps Hiyori. Kazuma tries to intervene but fails as Kuguha cannot be bound as he is revealed to be a stray and he easily knocks Kazuma out. Yato returns only to find Hiyori's unconscious body.


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