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Your Voice Calls Out ( (きみ) () (こえ) , Kimi no Yobu Koe) is the 12th episode of Noragami Aragoto. It first aired on December 18, 2015.


Bishamonten continues her attempts to recover Yato from Yomi. Izanami captures her and separates Bishamon from Kazuma, but the war goddess is freed through the efforts of her Regalia. Back in the world of the living, Ebisu recovers enough to suggest saving Yato using a method known as "Soul Call". Hiyori, as a person from the Near Shore, calls out Yato and Bishamon's name and is able to pull the latter out of Yomi.

Heaven's Punishers arrive to execute Ebisu, and the presence of a vent only angers them further. Bishamon asks that the Punishers allow Ebisu to explain himself; however, Takemikazuchi denies her request. They attack the group, but their efforts are foiled by Bishamon and a determined Ebisu. Hiyori's continued efforts to Soul Call Yato are fruitless until she realizes that the second character of his name is not the katakana, to (ト), but the extremely similar kanji, boku (卜). She screams out his true name, Yaboku, and Yato is pulled from Yomi, dropping Nora as he goes. Yato arrives in the world of the living without Nora, and into the care of Hiyori and Yukine.

Takemikazuchi sends Kiun to attack them, but they are defended by Ebisu's ayakashi. When he attacks again, Bishamon protects Ebisu from the lightning stirke. She tells the to run and then rides Kuraha into the sky, where she and her shinki battle Kiun. With Kazuma's skill, they are able to seriously injure Kiun, leaving him with a scar across his nose.

Yato, Hiyori, Yukine, Ebisu, Kofuku, and Daikoku flee from the Punishers, while Bishamon stays to fight. While they are escaping, Yukine scolds Yato for keeping his real name from them, feeling betrayed that Yato went to Yomi without telling them, and worrying that Yato still does not trust him as his shinki. Yukine reminds Yato that he swore to risk his name to protect him. Their conversation is interrupted by the formation of a Pacification Ring. According to Kofuku and Daikoku, this is an ancient art meant to quell enemies of Heaven, and would kill the target in one hit.

Yato summons Sekki, intending to fight on the basis that he still hasn't granted Ebisu's wish to eat another meal at the Olive Tavern. Yato and Yukine manage to cut through the Pacification Ring before the Punishers are able to kill Ebisu with it. Despite his efforts, the Pacification Ring simpy reforms directly underneath Ebisu. Bishamon tells him to run, but appears to be too late.

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Adaptation Notes

  • In the manga, Ebisu is killed before Bishamon enters Yomi to rescue Yato (rather than after Yato is removed from Yomi, as occurred in the anime). Instead of Ebisu, Kofuku is the one to later suggest that Hiyori call their names to retrieve them from Yomi.
  • The Pacification Ring only appears in the anime. In the manga, a child approaches Ebisu and explodes; before he dies, he asks Bishamon to save Yato. In the anime, he asks this of Bishamon immediately after escaping Yomi, then passes out.
  • The anime does not include Amaterasu's appearance.